How to register a foreign vehicle in France: Complete guide to registering an imported vehicle

Foreign car registration refers to the registration of a car from another country with the local authorities in the country of residence. This makes it easier to identify the vehicle and its owners, and provides a legal record of ownership. Do you need the old vehicle registration document? And if it’s a new vehicle, what should I do? To register your vehicle from another country, here are the key points to remember. Continue reading How to register a foreign vehicle in France: Complete guide to registering an imported vehicle

Crit’Air simulation: How can I find out which Crit’Air sticker is right for my car and at what price?

As part of the fight against atmospheric pollution, the Crit’Air system aims to regulate vehicle traffic according to pollution levels. Crit’Air stickers, to be affixed to the windscreen, quickly identify a vehicle’s pollution level and determine its eligibility to drive during pollution episodes. To find out your vehicle’s Crit’Air classification and make a model, simply use the online simulator and enter your vehicle registration details.

The Crit’Air sticker, also known as the air quality certificate, is mandatory for driving in zones subject to differentiated traffic during peak pollution episodes. It is divided into six environmental classes, from Crit’Air 0 to Crit’Air 5, according to vehicle type, date of first registration and pollution standard. The sticker must be affixed to the lower right-hand side of the windshield, on the passenger side, or in the case of two-wheelers, on a part visible from the outside. The use of a pollution sticker therefore becomes essential. How do you obtain this device and which category for the vignette? Is the crit air sticker compulsory? Continue reading Crit’Air simulation: How can I find out which Crit’Air sticker is right for my car and at what price?

What is the price of a car license plate?

When you are looking to purchase a new license plate for your vehicle, you are probably wondering about the price and how to choose the right plate. In this article, we will detail the different prices of license plates, the materials and finishes available, and the options for motorcycles and cars. We will also discuss online ordering, approved rivets and plate installation services.
GIF License plate

License plate prices: how much does a license plate cost?

License plate prices vary depending on several factors, such as materials, size, finish and customization options. Aluminum plates are generally less expensive than Plexiglas plates, with prices starting around 20 € for a basic model. Plexiglas plates are more resistant and durable, with a price starting at around 40 €. It is important to note that prices may vary depending on suppliers and promotional offers. Continue reading What is the price of a car license plate?

Changing your vehicle registration: what you need to know before you start

Replacing your registration is an administrative process that any car owner may have to go through in his or her lifetime. Overall, changing your registration may seem simple at first, but it can be more complex than it seems. Indeed, this process involves administrative formalities and costs that are important to know. That’s why we have written this article to help you understand the challenges of starting such a process and to avoid common mistakes.

When can you change your registration?

Previously allowed by regulation, the request for a new plate number is no longer permitted. This applies even to awkward combinations like “KK” or “PD”. Previously, it was also possible to personalize your vehicle’s plate number. However, current regulations no longer permit this. Since the introduction of the siv in 2009, every old and new vehicle has a permanent plate number, which cannot be changed. However, under certain circumstances, it is possible to be assigned a new registration or identifier without being able to choose the content. Continue reading Changing your vehicle registration: what you need to know before you start

How much does a license plate cost in France?

The price of a license plate in France depends above all on the material chosen and the type of plates (old plates called F.N.I or new plates called S.I.V).

  • the average price of an aluminum F.N.I license plate is 10€ TTC
  • the average price of a plastic F.N.I plate is 12€ TTC
  • the average price of a S.I.V aluminum license plate is 15€ TTC
  • the average price of a plastic S.I.V plate is 20€ TTC

The price of an aluminum license plate

Aluminum license plates are the most economical. Their price varies mainly according to the type of plate chosen. Indeed, the old license plates (F.N.I, before 2009) are less expensive and cost an average of 10€ TTC per unit. The new license plates (S.N.I, after 2009) cost on average 15€ TTC.

The price of a plastic license plate

Plastic license plates are much more attractive than metal plates. As for the aluminum plates, their price will depend on the type chosen: old or new plate. Indeed, the old plastic F.N.I plates will cost you an average of 12€ TTC. The new license plates (S.N.I, after 2009) cost, on average, 20€ TTC.

Buy your license plates online or in store?

The above price examples are of course subject to change depending on the location of your purchase. Indeed, the prices charged on the internet will generally be more affordable than in physical stores. Don’t hesitate to browse through the different websites that offer them to find the most affordable price.

Don’t forget that the installation of a license plate has a cost (around 5 to 10€). But nothing prevents you from mounting your plates by yourself, especially if you are a handyman.

Finally, note that from December 31, 2020, the old license plates will no longer be approved and you will have to replace them with new S.I.V. license plates.

How to put a car registration card in the name of two people?

It is sometimes used to put two names on your registration certificate

All vehicles must be registered. Today, it is possible to put a single registration card under two different names. Despite the few specific steps to be taken, this option is very interesting for those who share a common vehicle. How to do this? What are the various steps to follow?

The different possibilities for putting two names on a vehicle registration card

A registration certificate can be upgraded with the details of another owner. Most of the time, this constitutes a change of ownership, which requires the payment of additional taxes. In case of marriage for example, a delay of one month is provided after the marriage, if you wish to add the name of your wife or husband on your car registration.

In the case of a leasing purchase, the modification of the vehicle registration is subject to special formalities for which the previous owner will be responsible. The latter must provide you with the necessary documents. In some cases, it is possible to do this online or by mail.

The steps to follow in order to obtain a dual name car registration

Do you wish to indicate the name of one of your relatives on your vehicle registration card? Here are the different procedures that must be carefully followed in order to succeed in this operation.

You must submit your request to the “carte grise” department of a prefecture or sub-prefecture. There are several online platforms, which specialize in the processing of these cards. The formalities for adding another name to the registration certificate are similar to those for a vehicle transfer, except of course if you change your marital status, you can also change your address by filling in some information.

For the addition of a simple cohabitant, there will be no tax exemption. In addition, a few documents will be required. First of all, a crossed out registration certificate with the mention “sold on” or “transferred on”, without forgetting the signature of the owner of the registration card are necessary. Then, you will also need to bring the identity documents of both names, along with the proof of residence of the main holder. A certificate of technical inspection for vehicles over 4 years old is also required.

Finally, you will have to fill out the application forms for registration as well as the certificate of transfer.

How to install your own license plates?

Just got a new license plate for your new car? Or did the one on your old car come off? In either case, you need to ask. Generally, the installation is done by a professional of the car industry. However, considering the price already paid for the purchase of a new license plate if you have the right tools, you can also do it yourself. We show you how to do this in the following paragraphs.

What tools should I use to install my license plates?

You don’t need to be a mechanic or a skilled handyman to install a license plate. What we need are simply three tools that will be useful for fixing. We are talking about a drill with a 5 mm drill bit, 4 rivets and a rivet gun. We don’t need anything else! These three will do very well and can be easily found in hardware or car parts stores.

The steps to follow

Now that you have all the equipment with you, you can get right to work. The first thing to do is of course to remove the old plates from the car. To do this, you only need to drill the plates at the level of the rivets that are already installed. Once all the rivets are removed (and you’ll need to check), the plate will come off and you can then move on to installing the new plate. Here is how you should proceed:

  • First, drill 2 mounting holes on your new license plate. Here, you will not have to worry about the location since all plates already come with marks where you can make the holes.
  • Next, you will have to make holes on the car and for that you have to put the plate on the chassis and where you want to place it. Then drill the plate on the right and make sure the hole goes through the plate and the vehicle frame.
  • Once the holes are made, you just have to put the license plate on the frame and fix it with a rivet clip and a rivet. Here, you will have to press hard enough so that the rivet breaks and is fixed on the plate.

After these operations, your license plate is now installed. And finally, you can put a cover on the rim to enhance the aesthetics, but it is not mandatory.

How to choose the right car license plate?

After purchasing a new car, registration is one of the most important steps to take. The new vehicle must be registered so that it can be easily identified in the future. Registration can be done directly with the prefecture. However, with the new vehicle registration system (SIV), authorized car professionals can also carry out the procedures. As far as the license plate is concerned, motorists can choose for themselves the department they wish to be affiliated with and also the type of material for their plate. Find out all about it in this section.

Which department should I choose for my license plate?

Although the 2009 reform no longer allows drivers to choose their registration number, it does allow them to choose the department where they want their car to be registered. Indeed, the current license plate must consist of a department number and the logo of the corresponding region. If you like a particular number or logo, you can display it freely on your license plate. You can choose any department or region even if you do not have your main residence there. The only category of cars that escapes this rule is that of collector vehicles. Unlike others, they may not have a territorial identifier on their license plate, at least for now.

What about the material?

In addition to the choice of region and department, the material is also an important element to consider when choosing a license plate. It is indeed from him that one can judge the resistance and the quality of its plate. Here, we have mainly the choice between plexiglass and aluminum. Both have their own advantages and disadvantages. However, it all depends on what you need and what you are looking for. If the Plexiglas license plate is appreciated for its solidity and its resistance to the climatic hazards, the aluminum license plate is on the other hand more economic and more ecological (100 % recyclable).

Car registration: you can now do it with car professionals

Registration is an essential step that every new car buyer must take. As you probably already know, this is an operation that consists of registering the vehicle and certifying its existence. In the past, such a procedure had to be carried out at the prefecture, but this is no longer the case. Indeed, the car registration can now be done with car professionals. This obviously has many advantages for motorists, and that is precisely what we will talk about in this section.

A simpler and faster solution

With the new reform initiated by the State and the new SIV, the car professionals have been given a new role. In addition to fitting license plates, they are now authorized to carry out the administrative formalities for registering a car. The aim is to simplify the process and offer motorists a local solution. With this option, they will no longer have to wait in line at the registry office or the prefecture to register their new vehicle. All it takes is a visit to a garage or other such professional.

Of course, the advantages are numerous for both professionals and motorists. For the latter, the formalities and steps become easier to do. Also, they will no longer have to waste too much time with the long lines that tend to be observed in traditional registration centers. In addition, it is good to know that apart from the services now offered by car professionals, it is also possible to register your vehicle online.

Professionals authorized by the State

If the car registration can now be done with car professionals, it does not concern any establishment. Indeed, only authorized professionals have the right to carry out the registration. By virtue of their authorization, they have access to the central registration file. Moreover, they are authorized to collect taxes that will then be paid into the Treasury account. While this makes it easier and quicker for motorists to register their cars, there is a small cost involved.

Registration: the old plates will end in 2020

If your vehicle still has an old license plate, it may be time to change it. Indeed, the authorities in charge of registration have decided that they will no longer be valid from 2020. If you are among those who have not yet changed theirs, you should now think about complying with the new system launched in 2009. To learn more about this subject, we invite you to read the following paragraphs.

What you need to know about the new registration system

The new registration system used today came into effect on April 15, 2009 for new cars and on October 15 of the same year for used cars registered under the old registration system. Until now, the two have always overlapped, but this will no longer be the case as of 2020. According to the French Federation of Vintage Vehicles, the new registration system will govern all registered vehicles in France. Thus, in about 3 years, all license plates will have the following shape: “AA-000-AA”. This is true for light cars as well as for commercial vehicles, trucks, motorcycles, etc.

What are the consequences of this decision?

While this decision serves primarily to standardize the registration system for all vehicles, it is not good news for all motorists. For collectors, for example, they will have to give up their old plates. This could devalue their car as it will not be easy to prove the age of the classic cars. The same applies to the disappearance of the numbers that correspond to the vehicle model. Starting in 2020, all this will disappear and vehicles will have to keep their number until they are destroyed or exported abroad.

The plates will no longer be linked to an owner, but directly to a vehicle.

How to register your car online?

Registration is an administrative process that all new car buyers must complete. It consists in particular of the request for a registration card and the registration of the new vehicle in the register of the prefecture. In general, this procedure must be carried out at the prefecture. However, this has changed and with the new registration system (SIV), it is now possible to register your car online. With this approach, it is no longer necessary to wait in line at the prefecture. The formalities become simpler and faster. We tell you all about it in the following paragraphs.

Steps to take to register your car online

As mentioned above, applying for your vehicle registration card online offers many advantages. In addition to saving time, the steps to be taken are also less cumbersome. However, it is good to know that the request must be made only to a certified and authorized professional. There are many providers on the internet and you just have to choose the one that suits you. The approaches are not always the same, but they are most often based on the same principle. Basically, here’s what you need to do:

  • First, you will be asked to fill out an online form in which you must provide all the information about your new vehicle.
  • After registering your data, you will normally receive an e-mail with a list of documents you need for registration.
  • Once the necessary documents are gathered, you need to send them by mail to the provider.
  • Finally, you should receive your new vehicle registration card in the next few days. It will be sent to you by mail.

The price of an online car registration

As you have seen, the process of applying for a car registration online is practically simple. This is only an advantage for you. But what about the price? Well, there’s no need to worry about that. The fees are about the same as those you have to pay to the prefecture. You will simply have to add the provider’s commission and it is the latter that usually tends to change from one professional to another.

How much does it cost to renew my registration?

Has your vehicle registration certificate been stolen? Or is it simply damaged? In either case, you need to renew it. In fact, wherever you drive your vehicle, you must always carry your vehicle registration document. The renewal process is not as complex as people tend to think. However, most motorists are often hesitant because of the potential cost. But what exactly is the price of a registration renewal?

Well, the price is extremely variable. It depends on several parameters and it is precisely this that we will detail in this section.

Why renew your registration?

As mentioned above, there are several reasons to renew your vehicle registration. The first one usually concerns the loss of the vehicle registration document. As we cannot circulate without this document, it is important to get it as soon as possible. Therefore, you have to start the procedure at the prefecture and ask for a new registration.

The other case, which we have already mentioned above, concerns the deterioration of the document. In case your car registration card is damaged, it will also have to be changed, and change means renewal. Of course, we’re not talking about a small tear or anything like that. The deterioration must be quite significant and must affect the readability of the document and therefore its use. In such a case, the steps to take are the same as for the loss of the registration certificate.

Finally, a registration renewal must also be done when purchasing a new vehicle. Since you are going to be the new owner, you need to have the papers up to date and the car registered in your name. If the vehicle does not have a registration card, here are our tips.

The price of a registration renewal

As we mentioned in the introduction, the price of a new registration varies greatly. It varies above all according to the department in which you are, the taxes being different from one region to another. In fact, in total, the cost of renewing a vehicle registration is not far from the cost of acquiring a new vehicle registration document. Both are calculated by adding the regional tax, the tax for the development of professional training (for vans), the CO2 tax and the ecological malus (if the vehicle is polluting) as well as the management tax and the fee for the routing of the title.

Moreover, as we said above, the procedures are done with the prefecture. However, it is also possible to do them at a licensed garage or a specialized online service provider.

How to register a used car?

Have you just purchased a used car? Congratulations! However, you should not wait too long to register it. Indeed, now that you are the owner, it is important that all documents associated with it are in your name. You have a period of one month after the purchase to establish the registration certificate. Note that this document is mandatory and you need it if you want to drive your new car freely. Here are the different steps to follow to register a used car.

Apply for a registration

This is the first thing you need to do to register your used vehicle. The request must be made to the prefecture of the department of your choice. However, it is also possible to do so directly with your garage. It is enough that this one has an authorization signed by the prefecture.

If you don’t have the time to wait in line, you can apply for a registration by mail. The latter must be sent to the prefecture. This method seems practical and comfortable. However, in some prefectures, this can take more than a month. The best thing to do is to find out in advance.

Finally, if you cannot go to the prefecture yourself, you can apply by proxy. And again, make sure you provide all the necessary files to the person you are mandating. Also, the latter must be explicitly named and must carry a valid ID. Without all of these elements, the application may be denied and you will be required to apply personally.

The various documents to be provided

As previously mentioned, there are certain documents that you need to collect to register a used car:

  • The declaration of transfer of the car
    You have to ask the seller for this cerfa 13754 form. It must be well filled out and signed by both the seller and the buyer, i.e. you.

  • The old vehicle registration document
    When you purchase a vehicle, this document automatically reverts to you. For the old “FNI” model, the words “vendu le” or “cédé le” must be displayed on the card, along with the date and time of the transfer. On the other hand, for the new model of registration certificate “SIV”, the details of the buyer and the signature of the seller must also be included.

  • The certificate of non-pledge
    This document certifies that the car purchased is not subject to a pledge. In other words, it can be sold without harming anyone. The seller must give this certificate to the buyer at the time of the transaction.

  • The technical inspection report
    This document certifies that the vehicle is in good working order and contains no hidden defects. The certificate must be less than 6 months old or 2 months old in case of a second inspection.

The price of registering a used car

The cost of registering a used car in France depends on several taxes and fees. Indeed, the price of the registration certificate is made up of 4 taxes and a fee, including the regional tax which is different according to the departments. The amount of this tax is calculated according to the price of the fiscal horse and can vary from one region to another. However, since January 2021, used vehicles are no longer subject to this tax. To find out the price of the registration document for a used car, just enter the vehicle registration number and calculate the cost online. Although the cost of registration is not the same for all vehicles, it is possible to estimate the price online and avoid any unpleasant surprises.

Change of address on the vehicle registration document

When moving, it is important to update the address on your vehicle registration certificate. You have one month after the move to do this. You can make this change online on the ANTS website, by going to a prefecture, a sub-prefecture, to an approved professional or by mail. Remember to provide the necessary documents such as the old car registration document, proof of address, proof of identity and proof of insurance. Generally, the first three changes of address are free, but a fee applies from the fourth change onwards.

How to register your scooter?

Do you use a scooter for your daily commute? This is a great idea! With traffic jams starting to invade our streets, riding a moped is the best way to save time and be more productive. However, there are certain rules that you must know and respect. Among the most important, we will mention first of all the registration. The obligation to register scooters and large motorcycles has been in effect since April1, 2011. If you are not yet in good standing, now is the time to proceed with the registration formalities to avoid penalties. But what are the steps to follow in this case?

Who should I contact to apply for a vehicle registration document?

Generally, you can go to the prefecture or sub-prefecture of your choice to register your scooter. However, the formalities have recently been lightened. From now on, you can go directly to an automotive professional (garage, dealer, etc.). However, the latter must be authorized by the Ministry of the Interior.

You can also simply send your request by mail to the prefecture or sub-prefecture. In this case, you won’t have to waste time going door to door with government officials. Moreover, to make things even easier for you, apply online with a professional authorized by the Ministry of the Interior.

What documents are required?

Like all other administrative procedures, the application for scooter registration is subject to certain formalities. To begin, you need to fill out a CERFA form to request a registration certificate. Along with this form, you must provide the people in charge of the file with other documents such as a valid proof of identity, a recent valid certificate of residence, a certificate of transfer or an invoice from the seller and payment of the price of the vehicle registration document.

Of course, these documents are not difficult to obtain. You will be able to obtain the registration of your scooter quickly. It all depends on the professional through whom you have made your request. As for the price, it is not fixed and varies from one region to another and also from one provider to another.

What information can I get from a license plate?

There are situations that often lead you to wonder if it is possible to obtain certain information from a license plate. This is the case when you want to know the identity of the owner of a vehicle that hit and run after hitting you from behind. A driver has left a parking lot and forgotten something valuable, how can you tell him that his property is in good hands? Or you simply want to know the identity of a pretty young woman in the car next to you. Rumors are currently circulating about the possibility of obtaining a good amount ofinformation through one’s license plate. Is this possible? What type of information can be collected?

Know the identity of the motorist through his license plate

In principle, access to the vehicle registration system (SIV) is reserved only for a restricted category of people. Indeed, only the gendarmerie, the police, the prefectures, the administrations and the government can access the SIV file. These documents and information are useful to them in the performance of their work. Of course, individuals are not allowed to consult them in order to avoid abuse.

In case of a hit and run or bad behavior on the road, what you can do is to file a complaint. This way, you can easily identify the owner of the vehicle after the investigation by the officials. Unfortunately, the way seems complex, even impossible for a private individual who wants to know the identity of a motorist who forgot his backpack in the parking lot or the beautiful young woman in the car next door. It should also be noted that it is not possible to obtain a motorist’s telephone number from his or her license plate, in order to protect individual privacy.

Does the registration identify the model of a vehicle?

Currently, several online sales sites for spare parts or for the coast of the car can clearly identify the model of the vehicle from its registration. All the user has to do is type in the series of letters and numbers, and it’s done. However, the use of such information requires prior authorization from the prefecture.

Get the car’s serial number

The sequence of letters and numbers on the license plate cannot be used to determine the vehicle’s serial number. To acquire it, you need to see the car in question. Rest assured, the vehicle identification number (or VIN) is prominently displayed in several places, such as on the lower part of the windshield.

Is the department identifiable?

Determining the department or region of origin of the car is possible. This is done through the last two or three characters on the license plate. But for some time now, motorists have tended to put the department of their choice on their car. This does not make certain the veracity of the information provided by the license plate.

In conclusion, the registration may contain some confidential information, which does not allow everyone to have access to it. However, there are a few exceptions.

Illegible license plate: beware of penalties that may be incurred

With this winter’s snowy roads, our license plate may be unreadable or even invisible. While this is not really our intention, it is still an offense punishable by law.

Sanctions on the agenda

Indeed, all those who will go against this ban will be fined. Moreover, Commissioner Bertrand Caroy of the Boraine Police Zone did not mince his words when speaking about this subject. Word for word, he said: ” The police will automatically pull the driver over and ticket him, or ask him to clean his plate, which will usually annoy him. But at least we stop the infraction! “Although this is happening in Belgium, it cannot be excluded that such a regulation will also apply in France during the winter. Especially since unreadable plates are an unfortunate problem that affects all countries around the world.

So, if you get stopped by the police on your way to work, don’t expect to apologize by saying it’s the snow or mud’s fault. Before you hit the road, make sure your plate is clean and easy to read for both police and speed cameras. The plate must always be clearly visible in order to identify the vehicle and prosecute the driver in the event of a violation. Failure to comply with this rule may result in a fine for the driver of the car.

However, if the motorist purposely makes the license plate illegible (e.g., by covering it), a more severe penalty may be imposed. In the worst case, his driver’s license could be revoked. Not to mention the imprisonment he may be subject to, the length of which depends on the nature of the offence committed.

Clean your car before you leave

In short, we all know at this point that snow helps hide our license plate. However, to avoid fines and penalties of any kind, always take the time to clean it well before leaving home. There are even products on the market that you can use to prevent snow from accumulating there.

Find the owner of a car with its license plate

There are several methods to identify the owner of a car from its license plate. Indeed, finding a person or a vehicle thanks to its registration number is not so complicated. There are many solutions that allow you to obtain information about the owner of a vehicle from its license plate, but few people are aware of this and even fewer share it. Using a license plate search and by mining databases, it is possible to find details about vehicles and their owners based on the vehicle registration system (SIV) and information provided by the prefectures and insurers. Whether you want to solve a hit-and-run accident, check the history of a used car before buying it, or simply find out the owner’s contact details, access to this file and searches based on a license plate can provide the answers you’re looking for. search for license plate

Get information with a license plate number

There are several reasons to search for a car by its license plate. Whether it is for a suspected fraud, a fender bender followed by a hit and run, a note left on the windshield with only a license plate number, or to find this charming driver with a black SUV met on the A6 highway. In any case, it is possible to find out the information about the owner of a vehicle from its license plate. The alternatives depend on your budget and the situation. You can get information about a car, such as the model, based on the unique combination of characters on the license plate. The cars provide the model of the vehicle concerned, and it is also possible to find out information about the car, including information about the owner of the vehicle. For this to happen, the prefecture and the gendarmerie must have access to the databases containing the information on vehicles registered in the new system. By entering the plate from a database or a specialized site, you will be able to know the department number, the car model and, in some cases, obtain information about the owner. However, it is important to take into account the regulations in force concerning the protection of personal data and to use this information only in a legal and appropriate framework.

Continue reading Find the owner of a car with its license plate



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