Car registration: you can now do it with car professionals

Registration is an essential step that every new car buyer must take. As you probably already know, this is an operation that consists of registering the vehicle and certifying its existence. In the past, such a procedure had to be carried out at the prefecture, but this is no longer the case. Indeed, the car registration can now be done with car professionals. This obviously has many advantages for motorists, and that is precisely what we will talk about in this section.

A simpler and faster solution

With the new reform initiated by the State and the new SIV, the car professionals have been given a new role. In addition to fitting license plates, they are now authorized to carry out the administrative formalities for registering a car. The aim is to simplify the process and offer motorists a local solution. With this option, they will no longer have to wait in line at the registry office or the prefecture to register their new vehicle. All it takes is a visit to a garage or other such professional.

Of course, the advantages are numerous for both professionals and motorists. For the latter, the formalities and steps become easier to do. Also, they will no longer have to waste too much time with the long lines that tend to be observed in traditional registration centers. In addition, it is good to know that apart from the services now offered by car professionals, it is also possible to register your vehicle online.

Professionals authorized by the State

If the car registration can now be done with car professionals, it does not concern any establishment. Indeed, only authorized professionals have the right to carry out the registration. By virtue of their authorization, they have access to the central registration file. Moreover, they are authorized to collect taxes that will then be paid into the Treasury account. While this makes it easier and quicker for motorists to register their cars, there is a small cost involved.

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