Rising tire prices: how to buy cheaper tires?

Tires are one of the most important parts of your car. As you already know, they should be changed from time to time, sometimes because of wear and tear and sometimes because of the season. However, it is not possible to take into account the announcement made by the tire manufacturers regarding the10% price increase starting this April. So now you have to pay more for your tires, but not necessarily. Here are some tips to help you always pay less for your tires.

Buy your tires online

In recent years, the Internet has become a true center of commerce. Indeed, all kinds of things are sold there and the brands even have their own sales site. And in the specific case of the tire industry, a Google study states that tires remain the most sought-after products by motorists. The sector alone accounts for 60% of Internet searches. If the market is so saturated, it is above all because the Internet remains the best place to buy cheaper tires.

By doing your transaction online, you usually pay 20-50% less. This is a very good deal compared to what you can find in physical stores today.

Visit garages and car centers

If you are not very comfortable with the Internet, you can always turn to garages and car centers. This will allow you to get your tires cheaper. Although their prices are more expensive than those on the internet, they still offer great promotions from time to time. So if you keep your eyes open for information, you can find great deals every month.

Opt for retreaded tires

Finally, another option is to invest in retreaded or reconditioned tires. Since they are not new, their price is obviously lower. So you can buy these tires cheaper and fit them to your vehicle. You’ll simply have to make sure that the tires in question are still in good condition and are not likely to put you in danger.

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