All the steps to become a VTC driver

vtc driver

Being a VTC (chauffeur driven car) driver is a job that has more and more enthusiasts. To practice it, you will have to follow the rules. Note indeed that this activity is well and truly framed by a law named Thévenoud, enacted in October 2014. It embeds several measures to be respected by the various private chauffeur platforms such as Uber, MarcelCab and LeCab. Want to try your luck? Here are the steps to follow to become a vtc.

Training is essential!

No one can become a vtc without having passed an exam that lasts about 3 and a half hours. The latter consists of six tests concerning transport rules, company management, road safety, customer relations and understanding of English and French. During this exam, candidates must complete exercises in the form of multiple choice questions.

To find the right answers and not make any mistakes, it is highly recommended to follow a vtc training . Of course, it is not mandatory and it can be expensive. However, this training allows candidates to prepare well for the exam and increase their success rate. For your information, the exam replaces the mandatory 250-hour training imposed on future VTC drivers before January1, 2016. By passing the tests, the candidates are entitled to a vtc card that allows them to practice the profession legally.

The steps to obtain the VTC card

To obtain the vtc card that allows you to travel on all the roads of France with complete peace of mind, you must submit a written request to the prefect of the department where you live. In general, the document is issued within 3 months if all conditions are met. Among other things, you must pass the VTC exam. Then, it is necessary to have a medical certificate indicating the aptitude for the practice of the trade, a driving licence B dated more than 3 years and a certificate to have followed a training on the prevention and the civic aid of level 1 (PSC1) dated less than 2 years. The prefecture will also verify that the candidate has not committed any offenses.


The license application

To become a vtc, you must also have a legal status. Thus, after obtaining the professional card, you must found a company or apply for the status of auto-entrepreneur. The choice between these two structures is yours. The auto-entrepreneur status offers many advantages at the beginning, but it has disadvantages when the activity flourishes. Why? Simply because it obliges you to respect a turnover ceiling. Most VTC drivers often rely on the creation of SASU (Société par Actions Simplifiée Unipersonnelle) of VTC. It should be noted that without a legal framework, a driver cannot obtain a vtc license as he will not be registered in the trade register.

The application for a license

After registering your company with the clerk of the Commercial Court, you can apply for a vtc license. This document is issued by the VTC register. In order to obtain it, you must register on the Ministry of Transport’s website and present several documents such as a certificate of professional liability insurance, proof of company registration, a copy of the vehicle registration document, a copy of the vtc card and proof of financial capacity. Note that the license is valid for a period of 5 years.

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  1. a driving licence B dated more than 3 years. what does this means? is it mean that permis B’s expiry dated supposed to more than 3 year or that does mean the issue date of permis B should be passed by 3 year. for example if I just got permis B just before 1 week can i apply for VTC?

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