Facilitate travel and save time with the help of a professional driver

For your convenience and to save time, you may need a driver to wait for you upon arrival at the train station or airport. You can give him your destination and he takes care of the rest. Alfred, the Cantilian driver, offers his services to anyone wishing to benefit from the advantages of customized transportation.

Your driver, whatever the distance

A professional driver can indeed make your wish to leave the station or the airport come true. Would you like to reach the hotel of your choice or your workplace in the best conditions? You don’t have to look for a cab or the bus stop. Simply book a cab remotely, whether you are in Chantilly, Senlis or Paris. Many other routes are still possible in the heart of the Oise and its surroundings with Alfred. To easily book a cab for your trip, you can go directly to the website of your driver. With a few clicks, you will find a driver who knows your route very well and who is ready to take you where you want to go.

Upon your arrival at the airport or train station, you will be personally taken care of by your driver. This one will carry a sign, which will allow you to easily notice the driver who will take care of all your movements.

Alfred is at the disposal of professionals and companies, but he is also the partner of individuals who wish to explore the tourist sites of Chantilly and its surroundings.

Cabs or VTC: to each his own

VTCs have been appearing in the transportation world for a few years now. They are considered as a new fashionable means of transportation. Being new, they distinguished themselves from cabs by a superior quality of service, but they have now caught up. VTC or cabs, they both allow you to leave from a point A and reach a point B on board a car.

Cabs have the advantage of being regulated, which is not really the case for VTCs. For this popular option, you must prepare in advance to indicate a route. With VTCs, customers must first make a reservation because if you choose this means of transportation, you will not be picked up on the fly.

Moreover, a cab is distinguished by its illuminated plot, which will allow you to notice it easily through the many cars, while VTCs are often difficult to spot. But they meet your expectations if you want to travel everywhere with discretion…

As far as comfort during the journey is concerned, VTCs better meet the expectations of the most demanding customers, knowing that some provide them with sweets, newspapers, water…

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