Reading a tire the right way

You’re thinking about changing your tires, but you’re having trouble navigating the combination of numbers and letters you see on your tires. However, a small mistake can cost you dearly. So how do you read a tire? We will try to answer them here.

Read a tire

You’ve found a tire that fits your budget and you’re thinking of trading in your old ones for these new ones. When you change your tire, it is very important to know its characteristics.

To better explain, let’s take as an example a tire that says 225/55R17 97W.

  • Here, the 225 indicates the width of the tire. Remember that this measurement is expressed in millimeters. We can therefore say that this tire is 225 cm wide.
  • The 55 indicates the height of the sidewall in relation to the width of the tire. Here, the sidewall height is 55% of the tire width. It should be noted that the higher the sidewall, the less grip the tire will have when cornering. But the ride is more comfortable.
  • As for the R, it indicates the structure of the tire. Here the R stands for Radial, which is the most used nowadays. Remember that there are three tire structures: the Radial, the diagonal structure expressed in D which is gradually disappearing from the market, and the B structure or Bias Belted.
  • The 17 indicates the surface of the inside of the tire. In other words, it is the size of the rim. It is usually expressed in inches.
  • The 97 is the load index, which is the load the tire can support when inflated to the safe limit. Please note that a load index of 97 does not mean that the tire can only support 97kgs. In fact, we have to go back to a correspondence table. According to this table, the index 97 is equivalent to a load of 730kgs. In general, you may well opt for a different load index for your new tire. Be careful, however, to take a tire with a higher load index than your old tire for more safety.
  • The W is an index of speed. It indicates the speed at which the tire is considered safe. These speeds are expressed with indices between A which is the lowest and Y which is the highest. In this example, the W corresponds to a speed of 270km/h. You can choose a tire with a higher speed rating than your old tire. But if you choose a lower index than the previous one, it will affect the handling of your car.

All you need to know

There are other markings used for tires.

  • M+S, is a marking which means that the tire is certified “snow” according to the European standard.
  • The 3PMSF or 3 Peaks Mountain Snow Flake indicates that the tire is reserved for snowy roads. Unlike the M+S tires, these tires have already been tested.

Need a spring? Ask a professional in the field!

The spring is a mechanical part that serves to absorb kinetic energy. You may not know it, but this part is usually found in the workings of things you use every day: in your car, in the kids’ trampoline, in your garage door, etc. As such, it may need to be replaced or serviced. Mechanical professionals such as garage owners may also need this part as part of their work. To meet this need, it is always better to rely on a professional in the field who will, among other things, manufacture your springs individually or in large quantities, and repair them.

This article focuses on the different types of springs, as well as all the services offered by VIT Ressorts.

The different types of springs

Are you a mechanical enthusiast or an individual who is forced to buy a spring for one reason or another? You should know that you can either have a new spring made or have the old one repaired. In any case, you should have some prior information on the subject and especially on the different types of springs.

The tension spring

The extension spring is a part that is subjected to continuous stretching in a mechanism. It continually absorbs and returns this effort. This type of spring is present in the windshield wipers of our cars, in the rods, in the garage doors, etc.

Depending on the mechanism in which it is integrated, the extension spring can be available in all sizes, in several lengths, and in different materials such as stainless steel or steel.

The compression spring

The compression spring is undoubtedly the most widely used spring. In fact, it is used to absorb shocks and vibrations by being continuously subjected to compression. It can also be custom made in different sizes, lengths, and materials.

The torsion spring

The shape of the torsion spring is similar to that of compression and extension springs, except that the ends are often longer. Indeed, they take a particular form according to the mechanical environment in which they will be integrated. The ends of the torsion spring can be fixed by support, embedding, etc.

The torsion spring is a part that is integrated in many mechanisms. Basically, it plays a role in the braking and return systems by working by torsion.

Why use a professional spring manufacturer?

The repair or manufacture of springs requires a certain know-how and a lot of experience in the field of mechanics. It is therefore essential to entrust this work to a professional who will manufacture the spring adapted to the mechanism in which the part will be integrated. Moreover, this type of part often needs to be custom-made to be integrated into a given mechanism. In fact, when ordering special parts, it may be impossible to find the right type of spring on the market. Thus, it is essential to call on a professional in this area.

It is also in the best interest of manufacturers to call on a professional, especially when a large quantity is required to ensure quality. Moreover, only professionals are able to fulfill large orders and ensure their quality at the same time. Other factors should also motivate you to choose a professional to manufacture your springs: speed of production, after-sales service, repair, delivery, etc.

State of the art equipment

VIT Ressorts is a professional in the manufacture and repair of springs, either individually or in industrial quantities. To do this, it implements various technical and logistical means to guarantee the quality of its products. It is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment including a room dedicated to the manufacture and control of springs.

This room is fully equipped with equipment for measuring spring loads, control pigs, microscopes, profile projector, etc. For each manufacturing process, VIT Ressorts checks the force values produced by each type of spring, as well as the mounting and winding dimensions.

This spring maker also uses different quality materials such as steel, stainless steel or bronze, etc. for the manufacture of its springs. Finally, the manufactured springs can be subjected to an endurance test depending on their intended use. This test will be carried out from an adapted assembly.

It is important to note that in addition to manufacturing, VIT Ressorts also ensures the repair of springs for individuals.

Facilitate travel and save time with the help of a professional driver

For your convenience and to save time, you may need a driver to wait for you upon arrival at the train station or airport. You can give him your destination and he takes care of the rest. Alfred, the Cantilian driver, offers his services to anyone wishing to benefit from the advantages of customized transportation.

Your driver, whatever the distance

A professional driver can indeed make your wish to leave the station or the airport come true. Would you like to reach the hotel of your choice or your workplace in the best conditions? You don’t have to look for a cab or the bus stop. Simply book a cab remotely, whether you are in Chantilly, Senlis or Paris. Many other routes are still possible in the heart of the Oise and its surroundings with Alfred. To easily book a cab for your trip, you can go directly to the website of your driver. With a few clicks, you will find a driver who knows your route very well and who is ready to take you where you want to go.

Upon your arrival at the airport or train station, you will be personally taken care of by your driver. This one will carry a sign, which will allow you to easily notice the driver who will take care of all your movements.

Alfred is at the disposal of professionals and companies, but he is also the partner of individuals who wish to explore the tourist sites of Chantilly and its surroundings.

Cabs or VTC: to each his own

VTCs have been appearing in the transportation world for a few years now. They are considered as a new fashionable means of transportation. Being new, they distinguished themselves from cabs by a superior quality of service, but they have now caught up. VTC or cabs, they both allow you to leave from a point A and reach a point B on board a car.

Cabs have the advantage of being regulated, which is not really the case for VTCs. For this popular option, you must prepare in advance to indicate a route. With VTCs, customers must first make a reservation because if you choose this means of transportation, you will not be picked up on the fly.

Moreover, a cab is distinguished by its illuminated plot, which will allow you to notice it easily through the many cars, while VTCs are often difficult to spot. But they meet your expectations if you want to travel everywhere with discretion…

As far as comfort during the journey is concerned, VTCs better meet the expectations of the most demanding customers, knowing that some provide them with sweets, newspapers, water…

Equipment for the road

Mandatory equipment

You must have in your vehicle: a retro-reflective vest and a warning triangle.

Your vehicle must be registered. The front license plate must be retro-reflective and white. On the rear, it must be retro-reflective and white or yellow in color, accompanied by a lighting device that allows it to be read at least 20 m away.

Optional equipment

  • Equip your vehicle with a spare tire and the necessary tools.
  • Bring spare bulbs and fuses.
  • Have a copy of the accident report form ready.
  • If you have a GPS, make good use of it. It will allow you to plan your route and avoid getting lost, often a source of distraction while driving. Never program it while driving.
  • Equip yourself with a flashlight. It will be useful in case of breakdown if it is dark.

Don’t forget!


– Take along the equipment that can change everything when the time comes: anti-icing spray, squeegee, light bulb, water bottle…


– Clean your windows regularly.


– Have the technical inspection performed in a center approved by the Prefecture



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