Equipment for the road

Mandatory equipment

You must have in your vehicle: a retro-reflective vest and a warning triangle.

Your vehicle must be registered. The front license plate must be retro-reflective and white. On the rear, it must be retro-reflective and white or yellow in color, accompanied by a lighting device that allows it to be read at least 20 m away.

Optional equipment

  • Equip your vehicle with a spare tire and the necessary tools.
  • Bring spare bulbs and fuses.
  • Have a copy of the accident report form ready.
  • If you have a GPS, make good use of it. It will allow you to plan your route and avoid getting lost, often a source of distraction while driving. Never program it while driving.
  • Equip yourself with a flashlight. It will be useful in case of breakdown if it is dark.

Don’t forget!


– Take along the equipment that can change everything when the time comes: anti-icing spray, squeegee, light bulb, water bottle…


– Clean your windows regularly.


– Have the technical inspection performed in a center approved by the Prefecture

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