How much does a license plate cost in France?

The price of a license plate in France depends above all on the material chosen and the type of plates (old plates called F.N.I or new plates called S.I.V).

  • the average price of an aluminum F.N.I license plate is 10€ TTC
  • the average price of a plastic F.N.I plate is 12€ TTC
  • the average price of a S.I.V aluminum license plate is 15€ TTC
  • the average price of a plastic S.I.V plate is 20€ TTC

The price of an aluminum license plate

Aluminum license plates are the most economical. Their price varies mainly according to the type of plate chosen. Indeed, the old license plates (F.N.I, before 2009) are less expensive and cost an average of 10€ TTC per unit. The new license plates (S.N.I, after 2009) cost on average 15€ TTC.

The price of a plastic license plate

Plastic license plates are much more attractive than metal plates. As for the aluminum plates, their price will depend on the type chosen: old or new plate. Indeed, the old plastic F.N.I plates will cost you an average of 12€ TTC. The new license plates (S.N.I, after 2009) cost, on average, 20€ TTC.

Buy your license plates online or in store?

The above price examples are of course subject to change depending on the location of your purchase. Indeed, the prices charged on the internet will generally be more affordable than in physical stores. Don’t hesitate to browse through the different websites that offer them to find the most affordable price.

Don’t forget that the installation of a license plate has a cost (around 5 to 10€). But nothing prevents you from mounting your plates by yourself, especially if you are a handyman.

Finally, note that from December 31, 2020, the old license plates will no longer be approved and you will have to replace them with new S.I.V. license plates.

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