How to register your car online?

Registration is an administrative process that all new car buyers must complete. It consists in particular of the request for a registration card and the registration of the new vehicle in the register of the prefecture. In general, this procedure must be carried out at the prefecture. However, this has changed and with the new registration system (SIV), it is now possible to register your car online. With this approach, it is no longer necessary to wait in line at the prefecture. The formalities become simpler and faster. We tell you all about it in the following paragraphs.

Steps to take to register your car online

As mentioned above, applying for your vehicle registration card online offers many advantages. In addition to saving time, the steps to be taken are also less cumbersome. However, it is good to know that the request must be made only to a certified and authorized professional. There are many providers on the internet and you just have to choose the one that suits you. The approaches are not always the same, but they are most often based on the same principle. Basically, here’s what you need to do:

  • First, you will be asked to fill out an online form in which you must provide all the information about your new vehicle.
  • After registering your data, you will normally receive an e-mail with a list of documents you need for registration.
  • Once the necessary documents are gathered, you need to send them by mail to the provider.
  • Finally, you should receive your new vehicle registration card in the next few days. It will be sent to you by mail.

The price of an online car registration

As you have seen, the process of applying for a car registration online is practically simple. This is only an advantage for you. But what about the price? Well, there’s no need to worry about that. The fees are about the same as those you have to pay to the prefecture. You will simply have to add the provider’s commission and it is the latter that usually tends to change from one professional to another.

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