How much does it cost to renew my registration?

Has your vehicle registration certificate been stolen? Or is it simply damaged? In either case, you need to renew it. In fact, wherever you drive your vehicle, you must always carry your vehicle registration document. The renewal process is not as complex as people tend to think. However, most motorists are often hesitant because of the potential cost. But what exactly is the price of a registration renewal?

Well, the price is extremely variable. It depends on several parameters and it is precisely this that we will detail in this section.

Why renew your registration?

As mentioned above, there are several reasons to renew your vehicle registration. The first one usually concerns the loss of the vehicle registration document. As we cannot circulate without this document, it is important to get it as soon as possible. Therefore, you have to start the procedure at the prefecture and ask for a new registration.

The other case, which we have already mentioned above, concerns the deterioration of the document. In case your car registration card is damaged, it will also have to be changed, and change means renewal. Of course, we’re not talking about a small tear or anything like that. The deterioration must be quite significant and must affect the readability of the document and therefore its use. In such a case, the steps to take are the same as for the loss of the registration certificate.

Finally, a registration renewal must also be done when purchasing a new vehicle. Since you are going to be the new owner, you need to have the papers up to date and the car registered in your name. If the vehicle does not have a registration card, here are our tips.

The price of a registration renewal

As we mentioned in the introduction, the price of a new registration varies greatly. It varies above all according to the department in which you are, the taxes being different from one region to another. In fact, in total, the cost of renewing a vehicle registration is not far from the cost of acquiring a new vehicle registration document. Both are calculated by adding the regional tax, the tax for the development of professional training (for vans), the CO2 tax and the ecological malus (if the vehicle is polluting) as well as the management tax and the fee for the routing of the title.

Moreover, as we said above, the procedures are done with the prefecture. However, it is also possible to do them at a licensed garage or a specialized online service provider.

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