How to register a used car?

Have you just purchased a used car? Congratulations! However, you should not wait too long to register it. Indeed, now that you are the owner, it is important that all documents associated with it are in your name. You have a period of one month after the purchase to establish the registration certificate. Note that this document is mandatory and you need it if you want to drive your new car freely. Here are the different steps to follow to register a used car.

Apply for a registration

This is the first thing you need to do to register your used vehicle. The request must be made to the prefecture of the department of your choice. However, it is also possible to do so directly with your garage. It is enough that this one has an authorization signed by the prefecture.

If you don’t have the time to wait in line, you can apply for a registration by mail. The latter must be sent to the prefecture. This method seems practical and comfortable. However, in some prefectures, this can take more than a month. The best thing to do is to find out in advance.

Finally, if you cannot go to the prefecture yourself, you can apply by proxy. And again, make sure you provide all the necessary files to the person you are mandating. Also, the latter must be explicitly named and must carry a valid ID. Without all of these elements, the application may be denied and you will be required to apply personally.

The various documents to be provided

As previously mentioned, there are certain documents that you need to collect to register a used car:

  • The declaration of transfer of the car
    You have to ask the seller for this cerfa 13754 form. It must be well filled out and signed by both the seller and the buyer, i.e. you.

  • The old vehicle registration document
    When you purchase a vehicle, this document automatically reverts to you. For the old “FNI” model, the words “vendu le” or “cédé le” must be displayed on the card, along with the date and time of the transfer. On the other hand, for the new model of registration certificate “SIV”, the details of the buyer and the signature of the seller must also be included.

  • The certificate of non-pledge
    This document certifies that the car purchased is not subject to a pledge. In other words, it can be sold without harming anyone. The seller must give this certificate to the buyer at the time of the transaction.

  • The technical inspection report
    This document certifies that the vehicle is in good working order and contains no hidden defects. The certificate must be less than 6 months old or 2 months old in case of a second inspection.

The price of registering a used car

The cost of registering a used car in France depends on several taxes and fees. Indeed, the price of the registration certificate is made up of 4 taxes and a fee, including the regional tax which is different according to the departments. The amount of this tax is calculated according to the price of the fiscal horse and can vary from one region to another. However, since January 2021, used vehicles are no longer subject to this tax. To find out the price of the registration document for a used car, just enter the vehicle registration number and calculate the cost online. Although the cost of registration is not the same for all vehicles, it is possible to estimate the price online and avoid any unpleasant surprises.

Change of address on the vehicle registration document

When moving, it is important to update the address on your vehicle registration certificate. You have one month after the move to do this. You can make this change online on the ANTS website, by going to a prefecture, a sub-prefecture, to an approved professional or by mail. Remember to provide the necessary documents such as the old car registration document, proof of address, proof of identity and proof of insurance. Generally, the first three changes of address are free, but a fee applies from the fourth change onwards.

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