Registration: the old plates will end in 2020

If your vehicle still has an old license plate, it may be time to change it. Indeed, the authorities in charge of registration have decided that they will no longer be valid from 2020. If you are among those who have not yet changed theirs, you should now think about complying with the new system launched in 2009. To learn more about this subject, we invite you to read the following paragraphs.

What you need to know about the new registration system

The new registration system used today came into effect on April 15, 2009 for new cars and on October 15 of the same year for used cars registered under the old registration system. Until now, the two have always overlapped, but this will no longer be the case as of 2020. According to the French Federation of Vintage Vehicles, the new registration system will govern all registered vehicles in France. Thus, in about 3 years, all license plates will have the following shape: “AA-000-AA”. This is true for light cars as well as for commercial vehicles, trucks, motorcycles, etc.

What are the consequences of this decision?

While this decision serves primarily to standardize the registration system for all vehicles, it is not good news for all motorists. For collectors, for example, they will have to give up their old plates. This could devalue their car as it will not be easy to prove the age of the classic cars. The same applies to the disappearance of the numbers that correspond to the vehicle model. Starting in 2020, all this will disappear and vehicles will have to keep their number until they are destroyed or exported abroad.

The plates will no longer be linked to an owner, but directly to a vehicle.

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