How to cancel your car insurance?

Are you tired of your old car insurance company and want to find a new one? This can be done very well! Switching from one car insurance policy to another is not done in a vacuum. First of all, you will have to start by terminating the contract with your former insurer. For this, there is a certain specific procedure to follow and in this section, we will show you what you need to do. But first, let’s look at the reasons why you should cancel your car insurance.

Why cancel your car insurance?

There are several reasons to cancel your car insurance. This happens most often when the insurance price charged by the current insurer is too high compared to the competition. If you no longer feel you can afford to pay that rate, then there is no reason not to look elsewhere. However, before doing so, the old contract must first be terminated. Cancellation of a car insurance policy can also occur if another insurer offers offers that perfectly meet your needs and expectations. In this case, we would like to take advantage of it and to do so, we have to get rid of the contract that binds us with the current insurer.

Steps to follow when cancelling a car insurance policy

As mentioned above, there are a few steps to follow to cancel your car insurance. As of 2015, this termination became easier with the entry into force of the Hamon law. In its provisions, this consumer law offers, among other things, the possibility for policyholders to terminate their insurance contract whenever they want. However, this can only be done after one year of subscription and must follow specific procedures:

  • To begin with, the insured who wishes to terminate his contract must first find a new insurer. Such a measure has been taken in order to ensure that your car is always well protected and as you already know, third party insurance is the minimum guarantee to be taken out.
  • Once the insured has found his new insurer, he must sign a contract directly with him. The insured will then sign a mandate authorizing the new insurer to initiate the termination process on his behalf.
  • Once completed, the old contract will expire after one month and the new one will begin to take effect.

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