Illegible license plate: beware of penalties that may be incurred

With this winter’s snowy roads, our license plate may be unreadable or even invisible. While this is not really our intention, it is still an offense punishable by law.

Sanctions on the agenda

Indeed, all those who will go against this ban will be fined. Moreover, Commissioner Bertrand Caroy of the Boraine Police Zone did not mince his words when speaking about this subject. Word for word, he said: ” The police will automatically pull the driver over and ticket him, or ask him to clean his plate, which will usually annoy him. But at least we stop the infraction! “Although this is happening in Belgium, it cannot be excluded that such a regulation will also apply in France during the winter. Especially since unreadable plates are an unfortunate problem that affects all countries around the world.

So, if you get stopped by the police on your way to work, don’t expect to apologize by saying it’s the snow or mud’s fault. Before you hit the road, make sure your plate is clean and easy to read for both police and speed cameras. The plate must always be clearly visible in order to identify the vehicle and prosecute the driver in the event of a violation. Failure to comply with this rule may result in a fine for the driver of the car.

However, if the motorist purposely makes the license plate illegible (e.g., by covering it), a more severe penalty may be imposed. In the worst case, his driver’s license could be revoked. Not to mention the imprisonment he may be subject to, the length of which depends on the nature of the offence committed.

Clean your car before you leave

In short, we all know at this point that snow helps hide our license plate. However, to avoid fines and penalties of any kind, always take the time to clean it well before leaving home. There are even products on the market that you can use to prevent snow from accumulating there.

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