Changing your vehicle registration: what you need to know before you start

Replacing your registration is an administrative process that any car owner may have to go through in his or her lifetime. Overall, changing your registration may seem simple at first, but it can be more complex than it seems. Indeed, this process involves administrative formalities and costs that are important to know. That’s why we have written this article to help you understand the challenges of starting such a process and to avoid common mistakes.

When can you change your registration?

Previously allowed by regulation, the request for a new plate number is no longer permitted. This applies even to awkward combinations like “KK” or “PD”. Previously, it was also possible to personalize your vehicle’s plate number. However, current regulations no longer permit this. Since the introduction of the siv in 2009, every old and new vehicle has a permanent plate number, which cannot be changed. However, under certain circumstances, it is possible to be assigned a new registration or identifier without being able to choose the content.

Valid reasons for changing the plate number

There are many reasons for registering your vehicle. Some of the most common reasons include:

  • Change of ownership: If you have purchased a used vehicle, it will be necessary to register it as the new owner. This includes making the car registration in your name.
  • Change of number: if your vehicle has a registration that causes you problems, it is possible to change the plates. For example, it may be difficult to remember or pronounce.
  • The request for a duplicate: if your registration is lost or stolen, you must apply for a duplicate to the Ministry of the Interior.
  • In case of change of address: when you move to a new department, you can decide to change your registration. It is a great necessity to update your vehicle registration.

The different registration formats

There are several rules to follow regarding the format of the license plate number. The latter must conform to an approved model, which means that only a qualified professional is authorized to manufacture it. No matter who installs it, it must be perfectly visible and permanently fixed with rivets. It is also essential that the plate number matches the number on the registration certificate. Since 2009, two vehicle registration formats are in effect:

  • The old registration number (123-AB-45) is no longer assigned.
  • The FSS format (AB-123-CD) has been assigned automatically since 2009.

If the vehicle is registered before 2009 with the NIF format, it can be modified in some cases. First, you can apply for a new plate if you buy or inherit a used vehicle. Also, a change can be made if you update your registration certificate to change your address or add a secondary driver.

How do I change my license plate number?

Changing the plate number of your car may be necessary for different reasons, and individuals do not always know how to change the number for this purpose. Whatever the reason, it is important to follow the appropriate steps and procedures to register your vehicle and obtain a new siv number.

The steps to change your registration

The steps to follow to change your registration depend on the situation. If you have purchased a used vehicle, you must apply to the Ministry of the Interior for a change of ownership. To do so, you must provide the necessary documents, such as your vehicle registration document, your driver’s license and proof of address. Then, a new siv number will be assigned to you. You can obtain this number online on the siv website or at the prefecture.

The obligation to report self insurance

If you are in the process of changing your vehicle plate, it is important to report this to your auto insurance company promptly. This will allow your insurer to update your contract and to quickly provide you with a contract amendment and a new green card. However, if the change does not affect the price or coverage of your insurance, it is not necessary to inform your insurer. However, if you make a department number change, it may affect the risk covered. Therefore, you should expect a possible increase or decrease in your premium. In this case, your insurer is required to inform you of this change. It is up to you to decide whether you want to continue or terminate your insurance.

How to change the registration on your vehicle registration card?

Your registration is an important element to consider when buying or selling a car, or when changing your address. It is therefore essential to know how to change your registration on your vehicle registration card. Here is a practical guide to help you make this process as easy as possible.

In case of change of the owner of the vehicle registration document

Since the adoption of the Vehicle Registration System in April 2009, your plate number is final. It takes the form AA-123-AA and is assigned for life. Therefore, it will not be changed if you request a change of ownership of your vehicle registration. However,

when changing the registration card still registered in FNI format (123 AA 00), its number will be automatically converted to siv.

In addition, it is important to know that since November 2017, the application for a new vehicle registration document is done exclusively online. You must therefore make your requests for change of ownership on the registration card on the Internet. You can do this online on the ANTS website (Agence Nationale des Titres Sécurisés).

In case of theft or loss of the plate

When you own a car, you may be the victim of theft or loss of a license plate. In this case, the procedure to be followed is based on objective criteria. It must be followed scrupulously in order to be able to circulate on the public highway in all legality. The first step to replace a registration on your car registration in case of theft or loss of a plate is to file a complaint with the appropriate authorities.

This complaint will be necessary to prove that the loss of the plate is real and that the change is justified. Then, it will be necessary to go to a prefecture authorized by the ministry to carry out all the steps to obtain the car registration document. It will then be necessary to provide a complete vehicle registration file, as well as a copy of the complaint filed for the loss or theft of the plate.

The costs related to the change of registration on a grey card

When you own a vehicle, you may need to make a change to your vehicle registration. This can be due to various reasons such as the purchase of a vehicle or the purchase of a new agricultural machine. You may also need to change your vehicle plate for administrative reasons. You must also initiate this type of procedure when you need to change a foreign registration to a French one.

Changing the registration number on a vehicle registration card involves costs that may vary depending on the situation of the vehicle owner. Indeed, the cost of changing a registration can be different if you are an individual or a professional. Also, it can vary depending on the type of vehicle you own.

If you are a private individual, you may find that the cost of a change of registration can be several tens of euros. However, if you are a professional and need to register a vehicle, the fees may be higher. In this case, it is important to check with the relevant authorities to find out exactly how much it will cost to apply for a vehicle registration document for a business vehicle.

The cost of changing your vehicle registration depends on the type of vehicle you have. Indeed, the cost of registering a farm machine may be different from that of a car or a two-wheeler or another vehicle. In addition, if you have a

The cost of the application for a new car registration can vary depending on the age and the number of kilometers of the vehicle.

Changing your license plate number: pitfalls to avoid

Registering a vehicle is an essential step for anyone who has a car, whether it is new or used. Also, it is important to apply for a new registration number under certain conditions. In any case, there are always mistakes you should not make if you want to change your old license plate number. In order to apply for a change of vehicle registration without encountering problems, there are a few points to consider.

Among these points, it is essential to take a close look at the local regulations related to obtaining a new registration number. There are rules to follow before such a change.

Also, you should check the vehicle’s history, especially before buying a used vehicle. When the car you purchased has been in an accident or accidents before, it can affect getting a new registration certificate.

Last but not least, there are fees related to the change of registration that must be paid on time. By emphasizing these points, you will avoid problems with your application for a vehicle registration certificate.

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