What are the steps to take to sell a car?

When it comes to selling your car, there are a few key steps that will help ensure a smooth and successful transaction. First of all, gather all the administrative documents you need to sell your used car, especially the registration document. Then, clean the interior and exterior of the car to make it as presentable as possible, because to sell a vehicle, the car must be as clean as possible to make a good impression on the buyer. Then, set a fair price by searching for similar used car models online. Once you have found a buyer, schedule a time for them to come and look at the car and finalize the sale. Please note that as the owner of the vehicle, you must also produce a certificate of transfer of the vehicle and take the necessary steps.

What are the conditions for selling a used car?

In order to sell your vehicle, you must have a valid vehicle registration document and a certificate of non-registration. You must also have the following documents before selling your vehicle: a bill of sale, a transfer of ownership form and a certificate of title. It is the responsibility of the vehicle owner to ensure that all required documents are in order before selling the vehicle.

What documents should I provide when selling my vehicle?

The documents needed to sell your car are fairly straightforward: the certificate of conformity, the vehicle registration document and the certificate of administrative status are the documents you’ll need to sell your vehicle.

  • The certificate of conformity is a document that attests that the vehicle complies with the European standards in force. It is issued by the vehicle manufacturer or its representative.
  • The vehicle registration document is the mandatory document that identifies the vehicle. It includes vehicle registration details, the owner’s name and address, and the vehicle’s specifications. If you don’t have it, there are solutions.
  • The certificate of administrative status is a document that attests that the car is in good administrative standing.

Attention, if your car is more than 4 years old, you will have to give the future owner the proof of the technical control.

Why do you have to declare the transfer of your vehicle?

When you sell a car, you must transfer ownership to the new owner. To do this, you must complete a transfer certificate and a transfer declaration. The transfer certificate must be signed by both the seller and the buyer, and the date of the sale must be indicated. The declaration of transfer must be completed by the new owner and include the transfer code from the certificate of transfer. This is so that the car can be registered in the name of the new owner. If you do not report the transfer of your vehicle, you may be required to pay any fines or penalties that arise, even if you are no longer the owner.

How to declare the transfer of your vehicle to the administration?

If you wish to transfer your vehicle to the administration, there are a few things you need to do. First of all, you must declare the transfer of your vehicle online. Then, you will have to take all the necessary steps to sell your vehicle. Once these are completed, you can then sell your vehicle.

When to cross out the car registration document?

La carte grise doit être barrée lors de la vente du véhicule. La vente du véhicule doit être déclarée sur le certificat et les deux parties doivent le signer. C’est à cet instant que la cession du véhicule est actée.

What to do with the insurance after the sale of your car?

After the sale of your car, you will have to transfer the insurance of the vehicle to the new owner without forgetting the registration. To do this, you must contact your insurance company and provide them with the new owner’s information. The insurance company will then send a notice of termination to the old policyholder and issue a new policy to the new owner.

How do I know if the former owner has sent the certificate of transfer to the prefecture?

If you bought a car from a private seller, you must declare the sale yourself to the prefecture. The former owner can send the certificate of transfer to the prefecture, but it is not obligatory. You can check with the prefecture whether the former owner has sent the certificate of transfer by looking up the car’s registration number. If the certificate of transfer has been sent, you must complete the paperwork within seven days of the sale.

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