How to register your scooter?

Do you use a scooter for your daily commute? This is a great idea! With traffic jams starting to invade our streets, riding a moped is the best way to save time and be more productive. However, there are certain rules that you must know and respect. Among the most important, we will mention first of all the registration. The obligation to register scooters and large motorcycles has been in effect since April1, 2011. If you are not yet in good standing, now is the time to proceed with the registration formalities to avoid penalties. But what are the steps to follow in this case?

Who should I contact to apply for a vehicle registration document?

Generally, you can go to the prefecture or sub-prefecture of your choice to register your scooter. However, the formalities have recently been lightened. From now on, you can go directly to an automotive professional (garage, dealer, etc.). However, the latter must be authorized by the Ministry of the Interior.

You can also simply send your request by mail to the prefecture or sub-prefecture. In this case, you won’t have to waste time going door to door with government officials. Moreover, to make things even easier for you, apply online with a professional authorized by the Ministry of the Interior.

What documents are required?

Like all other administrative procedures, the application for scooter registration is subject to certain formalities. To begin, you need to fill out a CERFA form to request a registration certificate. Along with this form, you must provide the people in charge of the file with other documents such as a valid proof of identity, a recent valid certificate of residence, a certificate of transfer or an invoice from the seller and payment of the price of the vehicle registration document.

Of course, these documents are not difficult to obtain. You will be able to obtain the registration of your scooter quickly. It all depends on the professional through whom you have made your request. As for the price, it is not fixed and varies from one region to another and also from one provider to another.

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