France February 2022: market down 13%, Tesla (+204.9%) in the Top 10, Citroën C3 in second place.

The Citroën C3 achieved a rare second place at home.

Update 05/24/22: Now with the Top 150 models.

New car sales in France suffered a 7th consecutive month of year-on-year decline in February at -13% to 115,386 units. The decline increases to -31% when compared to the pre-pandemic period in February 2020. Over the first two months of the year, the market has fallen by 15.7% to 218,285 sales. Gasoline sales drop 24.5 percent to a 37.9 percent share, while diesel sales plummet 38.7 percent to a 17.6 percent share. HEV sales (including PHEV) are up 7% to 28% and BEVs jump from 59.7% to 11.7% market share.

Peugeot (-27.7%) is falling twice as fast as the market but retains the brand’s top spot with 16.8% market share compared to 18.2% so far this year. Renault (-13.8%) is holding up better, but is still losing market share, reaching a record low of 14%. Citroën (-14.1%) followed the same trend, with a 10.4% share. In total, the top three French brands hold only 41.2% of their domestic market this month, compared with 43% in 2021 and 47.2% in 2020. On the other hand, Dacia (-7.2%) gained shares over one year to 7.7%, as did Volkswagen (-6.6%) in 5th place and 6.4% share, overtaking Toyota (-20.3%). Ford (-20.8%) moved up two spots from January to 7th place, but lost ground from a year earlier. Hyundai (+7.9%) records the first gain in the Top 10, but Tesla (+204.9%) is the most impressive, rising to an all-time high of 9th place (also reached in August 2021), and beating all the premium brands, including BMW (-11.5%) to 10th place, Mercedes (-18.3%) to 12th place, and Audi (-11.3%) to 13th place. MG (+275.5%), Lamborghini (+150%), Honda (+36.8%), Ferrari (+33.3%), Mini (+21.6%), Porsche (+20.7%), and Fiat (+7.1%) are among the other winners below.

As for the models, the Peugeot 208 (-20%) takes a hit but remains in the lead while the Citroen C3 (-8.3%) climbs two spots from January to land at #2, its best ranking since October 2019 which was the time of generation changes for the 208 and Clio. The C3 is now also #2 since the beginning of the year. For its part, the Renault Clio (-12.7%) is on a par with the market but drops to #3, which is better than the 5th place it occupied a year ago. The Peugeot 2008 (-37.5%) and the Dacia Sandero (-38.8%) both fell sharply to 4th and 6th place respectively. On the other hand, the Peugeot 3008 (-4.4%) is holding up well in 5th place, while the Dacia Duster (+24.1%) and, more impressively, the Tesla Model 3 (+133%) – the first foreigner – show the strongest progress in the Top 10. The Peugeot 308 III remains in the Top 10 for the second month in a row despite falling two places in January to 10th place. Other recent launches include the Renault Arkana dropping three spots to No. 12, the Toyota Yaris Cross dropping two spots to No. 13, the Tesla Model Y jumping to No. 36 and the Dacia Jogger dropping to No. 42.

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Top 50 all makes and Top 150 models of February 2022 below.

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