Volkswagen unveils the Golf R Performance

A few days ago, a rumor spread that Volkswagen was preparing a performance package for its Golf R. Today, this is confirmed with the presentation of this new model at the Geneva Motor Show. Of course, this new Golf R Performance will be more than welcome by fans of this powerful and stylish vehicle. But first, let’s discover what it has in the belly and also what differentiates it from its predecessors.

No noticeable change in design

Volkswagen has used a video to show us the features of the Golf R’s performance package. In this video, we can clearly see the look and the specificities of the newcomer. And what we can say at first glance is that there is not much new in terms of appearance and design. Indeed, we find almost the same lines as those of the classic Golf R.

The same is true for the car’s interior. The atmosphere is still quite cool and the materials used are of high quality and meet modern safety and comfort requirements. In short, as far as appearance is concerned, Volkswagen decided to keep the same overall style as the other models attached to the Golf R. This is not really surprising since all these models belong to the same category.

A performance surplus

The new Golf R Performance is called that for a reason. Indeed, if no apparent novelty was noticed at the level of the design, it is not the case for the other aspects of the vehicle. Thus, for the Golf R Performance, Volkswagen benefits above all from improved aerodynamics. Improvements have also been made to the suspension (firmer), brake discs (larger), exhaust (Akrapovic titanium), etc. Apart from that, the maximum speed has now been reduced to 265 km/h, but no longer limited to 250 km/h. However, no novelty seems to have been brought concerning the motorization. The Golf R Performance keeps the same 2.0 turbo four-cylinder engine developing 310 hp.

At the moment, there is not enough information about the launch date or the price of this new pack. However, its price should not be very far from the classic Golf R which was announced at 42 790 €.

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