Tips for saving money on your car insurance

The cost of car insurance is increasing all the time. This is becoming more and more noticeable, especially for this year 2017 where prices have been revised upwards again. Of course, this situation does not please the drivers. However, there seems to be nothing we can do about it. As much as we would like to compete, there is not much we can do. Price increases are widespread. The only way to pay less for your car insurance is to follow the few tips we offer in this article.

Using a vintage car

As you probably already know, the type of car you drive has a considerable impact on your insurance premium. With a new and powerful car, the risks are greater and insurers tend to apply a rather high rate. The best way to reduce your car insurance costs is to choose an older car. It would be best if it had already covered more than 100,000 km. If possible, choose a vehicle with a small engine. This way, you will be less of a risk for your insurer and the price of your insurance will be lower.

Subscribe to a basic package

When you buy car insurance, you will have to choose between different coverages. Certainly, they are all interesting on the whole. However, the more coverage you purchase, the higher your insurance price will be. In order to reduce the cost, it would be best to opt only for basic formulas. If you are a young driver, limit your choice to third party liability. But don’t forget to check certain points such as the driver’s personal insurance as well as the compensation limit.

Opt for a per-kilometre insurance

You only use your car a little? So, the risk of having an accident is lower. And so must the insurance premium you pay. So, to save money on your car insurance, we strongly advise you to opt for a per-kilometre insurance. As the name clearly implies, this type of insurance is similar to a per-kilometre charge. In other words, you pay your bill according to the use you make of your car. In this case, the insurer installs a control box in your car so that it knows exactly how you use it.

Compare car insurance offers

Finally, to pay less for your car insurance, you must first find the best offer. To do this, you need to compare the offers of the different companies. Of course, this may take you some time. However, there are huge savings to be had. Moreover, there are nowadays online insurance comparison tools. Just go to one of them and discover the best deal for your car insurance.

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