Two wheels – the best way to commute

Are you interested in upgrading to a larger scooter? Tired of your old scooter and just looking for something newer? So come to us with your scooter and let us check it out. While you are browsing our products and services, we can have one of our mechanical experts check out your scooter, evaluate it and find out how much we can offer you for a price or trade-in. This way, you don’t have to worry about selling or buying back your scooter and you can get money quickly.

Save money with the scooter

Whether it’s your primary mode of transportation or a second family vehicle, many have considered trading a car for a moped or scooter. But is there really a significant saving to be made?

There are many things to consider in your decision, but 9 times out of 10, a scooter or moped is the smart choice for saving money:

Road tax for scooter, motorcycle

The vast majority of moped and scooter engines have an engine size of 150cc and therefore owners will be required to pay the lower rate of road tax on their vehicle.

Fuel economy, comparing the vast majority of cars to a moped/scooter, there are significant savings to be made on fuel. A moped/scooter offers greater fuel economy, with the majority of these vehicles offering 70 miles per gallon of fuel. While fuel economy technology has become more common in new cars in recent years, mopeds and scooters have offered fuel economy for a much longer period. So a two-wheeled vehicle, new or used, will offer even more value for your miles!

Considering the cash value of a scooter is an important step in your buying process. Undertaking extensive research on dealerships and online classifieds will give you the knowledge you need to ensure you buy smart and save money.

How to buy a good scooter ?

Conduct online and offline searches

Finding the right scooter requires patience, but with that comes a certain amount of latitude to research the make, model or scooter that might meet your needs. Search online listings for makes and models that retain value despite their use, identify the right time to sell, and evaluate the market in your area. Offline, it’s also worth visiting local dealerships for face-to-face expertise and trusted market knowledge. Try before you buy!

Imported or domestic

The “brand” or “type” of scooter you purchase can significantly affect the initial purchase costs, but also the future operating costs. A lower down payment may result in higher costs for insurance, fuel, parts and future maintenance.

In the past, it was best to avoid scooters imported from countries such as China because parts were hard to find and insurance was high. Now, with the internet and a growing popularity in foreign models, parts are available online with next day delivery and insurance is sometimes less than the replacement bike and parts are cheaper too.

Buy an established brand

By purchasing an established brand, the used value of your scooter is retained longer, especially compared to a non-domestic brand. Potential buyers are more likely to be attracted to an established brand, giving you more opportunity to sell in the future.

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