Car center: what are the regular controls to be done?

To keep your vehicle in good running condition for as long as possible, it’s better to do small repairs regularly than to wait until the last minute. You would be taking both a safety risk and a financial risk. Often it is cheaper to do the small repairs right away! You will find below a non-exhaustive list of checks to be done regularly in a car center, if you know nothing about mechanics.

Tires and lighting: a question of safety first

It is particularly important to check your tires regularly by visiting a car center in Strasbourg or Paris, in short, a car center near you. Having good tires ensures the safety of the car’s occupants, but also of other road users. Neglecting to maintain them means running the risk of not having a car that is safe enough in the event of a problem on the road, whether it’s due to emergency braking or to weather conditions.

If you live near Lyon, go to a car center in Lyon to check their good condition (look at the wear indicators) and check their pressure. This quick and easy check should be done every 1000 kilometers or once a year, depending on whether you use your car regularly or not.

Another point to check regularly on any vehicle is your visibility! Check your various lights: turn signals, backup lights, brake lights, license plate lights, etc.

As far as visibility is concerned, be sure to drive with a good windshield, without any chips or cracks. Have working wiper blades and check washer fluid levels regularly. Also, be sure to clean your headlight glass from time to time, as it can be damaged by UV rays or dirt from the weather.

Brake and motor to keep everything running!

Other main elements to check on a vehicle are the condition of your brake pads and your engine!

As far as the brakes are concerned, it is necessary to do so every 30,000 kilometers or so, or as soon as you notice suspicious noises or vibrations. For more delicate repairs, don’t hesitate to turn to a car center that will ensure the viability of your braking system or ABS.

At the engine level, check the oil and coolant levels often to avoid problems and more serious breakdowns. Every year, make an appointment with a professional to have your oil changed, which will be an opportunity for him to take a look at the condition of the belts, hoses or spark plugs for gasoline engines.

Inspecting the terminals and the battery fixing, but also the exhaust and the particle filter, are also checks to be carried out regularly if you want to keep your car in good condition for as long as possible!

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