When should the alternator be changed?

If there are starting problems or malfunctions due to certain electrical components, such as the battery, the alternator may be responsible. During a Volkswagen or other make of vehicle overhaul, a specialist may notice signs of fatigue. If necessary, the replacement of this equipment should be considered. How to detect the signs of a defective alternator? When should it be changed?

The role of the alternator

The alternator plays an essential role in the operation of the car. Thanks to the power of the motor transmitted by the belt of the latter, it generates the electric current which comes to supply the battery. By extension, it is at the origin of all the electrical functioning of a vehicle: from starting to the lighting of the traffic lights. A faulty alternator is preventing the car from receiving power. Before considering changing your original battery for a Bosch car battery, it is advisable to have your unit checked.

Car overhaul: Warning signs of a faulty alternator

During a service on your car, there are several visual and practical clues that indicate a faulty alternator. The combination of these indicators requires the intervention of a specialist:

  • the light intensity of the position and main beam fluctuates according to the acceleration and deceleration of the engine;
  • The charging indicator light on the dashboard comes on: the alternator is showing signs of weakness;
  • Repeatedly difficult starts: the battery is no longer charging properly, perhaps because of this device.

Maintain your car regularly to avoid alternator problems

Although it is increasingly used by the electronic equipment of new car models, an alternator has an average life span of 150,000 kilometers. With the help of a tensiometer or a multimeter, a regular control allows to monitor its performance. Ideally, a normal voltage is between 12 V and 15 V. Have your Volkswagen, Peugeot, Renault, etc. vehicle serviced Regularly checking the equipment and consulting the maintenance logbook will help anticipate potential problems with the equipment.

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