Tips and tricks for finding quality tires

Did you know that it is the tires of the vehicles that keep them on the road? These tires are as much about motorization as they are about safety. Their quality should not be neglected at any cost. So how do you find wheels that are reliable from all points of view?

Some useful notions

Quality tires are truly essential for your car to be fully operational, and to properly perform the functions and roles you expect of it. But it is also convenient that you can distinguish the types corresponding to your tires so that you don’t make mistakes.

On the sidewalls of a tire are engraved various inscriptions, there are numbers, letters that are highlighted to be visible. Each sign is associated with a specific feature, such as the name of the manufacturer, type, size, ranges, load and speed indexes, etc.

But the first and most important thing is to mount tires that conform to the original dimensions imposed by its creator.

Features that make a difference

Of course all new tires are acceptable to be mounted, but a car takes roads that are sometimes winding and sometimes straight, the track can also be wet, slippery or hesec, etc. Quality tires provide good grip on all types of road surfaces.

During snowy periods only, the tires must be changed to winter tires, and so on in summer. Driving on a snowy or icy surface is very dangerous and special attention must be paid to the tires. These are designed for slippery, smooth roads. When driving on snowy roads, remember to put chains on all wheels as a strict safety measure and drive with extreme caution.

When should I change my tires?

The insurance of the occupants of a car must be preserved at all costs, and that this peace of mind is directly linked to the quality of its tires (both for braking and grip on the ground in a bend). In general, a wise driver will change the wheel whenever: it is smooth, or the depth of the notches is less than 1.6 mm, the winter season starts or ends, it causes an undetectable pressure leak that frequently deflates it so that it can no longer be repaired.

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