SUV : how to recognize it and which model to choose ?

SUVs are among the most successful vehicles on the market today. This situation can be explained by the multiple advantages that this type of vehicle has in terms of comfort and performance, but also by the many improvements that manufacturers have made in recent years. In the specific case of the French automotive market, SUVs are currently taking center stage. To the great pleasure of the amateurs, many models and marks are presented there at the moment and one can only have the embarrassment of the choice. However, in order not to be mistaken, it is important to know how to differentiate an SUV from another type of vehicle.

What exactly is an SUV?

The SUV is first of all the acronym for “Sport Utility Vehicle”. It is often confused with 4×4’s, but in reality, they only share the look. Indeed, while it may have some off-road features and capabilities, an SUV is primarily a recreational vehicle. More precisely, it is the result of a sort of cross between a 4×4 and an MPV. It has a fairly large interior and provides a certain comfort to its users. In terms of driveability, some SUV models have 4-wheel drive, but most have only 2. This is one of the main differences with the 4×4.

The best SUVs currently available on the French market

As we mentioned in the first paragraph of this article, there is a large number of SUVs on the French market today. If you are interested in buying, here is a small selection of models that will certainly arouse your interest:

  • The BMW X5: when we talk about the BMW, we always expect something luxurious and powerful. And this is the case here! In addition to its elegant and exceptional design, the BMW X5 is also distinguished by its powerful and durable engine. Indeed, with the launch of the new generation in 2013, this SUV has seen its power revised upwards and the comfort is still there.
  • The Citroën DS5: with its unique design and high performance, the DS5 from Citroën is becoming more and more attractive to buyers. For your information, this SUV is now one of the few vehicles to offer a diesel-hybrid engine. In addition to being economical (3.9 liters per 100 km), it is also powerful and comfort has been improved to better satisfy the most demanding customers.
  • The Kia Sportage : This luxurious SUV is a favorite of many car enthusiasts, not only because of its high power, but also because of its slim and elegant design. With a 135 horsepower gasoline engine (available in diesel versions), it can compete with today’s off-road vehicles while ensuring a safe and enjoyable ride.

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