Renault, Telsa and BMW save the electric vehicle market in France

Last month alone, electric vehicle registrations in France totaled no less than 2,000. French electric vehicle registrations continue to rise, thanks exclusively to sales by Renault, Tesla and BMW. However, the market share remains unchanged compared to those with internal combustion engines and those with hybrid engines.

Ranking of electric car sales on the French market.

The title of the best-selling French car that runs on electricity is, again and again, given to Renault Zoé. Just because of its autonomy, which has been abundantly increased in its latest version called ZE40, it has seen a considerable revival of interest since the beginning of the year. More than 1,230 copies were sold last month alone, which translates into a 30.2% increase over the previous month. It is this last statistic that allows it to claim no less than 68.3% of the total market in this category. In any case, even with its preferential rates, the American brand Telsa comes just after Renault with its 104 vehicles registered in May, a progression in registrations that is just as interesting, although not as important as Renault’s.

These Telsa registrations are up 181.1%, including 63 Model S and 41 Model X. BMW is in third place in terms of sales with its i3 model. This model has remarkably evolved in the same way as the Zoe last December. This big change is noticeable in the battery, which has a greater capacity. As a result, sales rose by 153.6%. For such a tiny volume, these numbers are staggering. In all, BMW registered 71 cars in one month. To finish with this ranking, Hyundai is entering the market with a bang with its electric Ionic. Last month alone, Hyundai recorded 45 registrations, a remarkable number for a debut.

Other competitors

The French brand Bee Bee, some of which are equipped with aluminum rims, has also just arrived on the red carpet with its 2 XS registered. Behind these good students are Nissan Leaf with 251 units sold, Peugeot with 57 iOn units sold, Citroën with 53 sales divided between C-Zero and e-Mehari. Volkswagen recorded 7.7% sales, or 48 units with its e-Gof and e-Up. Next comes Kia and its Soul EV with 39 registrations and finally, Mitsubishi sold 6 units of i-Miev.

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