Technical inspection: at the heart of road safety

Safety at the heart of our concerns

Having a four-wheeled vehicle requires special maintenance in order to ensure the proper functioning of your car and to avoid any breakdown that could handicap or delay your trips.

Current regulations require owners of cars over 4 years old to submit their vehicles to a
renewable technical inspection
to have a certification of good functioning. The absence of technical control is punishable by a fine for the owner.

This measure can be seen as a constraint, but in reality it allows to check the good functioning of a vehicle in order to highlight possible breakdowns or failures that could harm the owner and become a danger for others.

Numerous audit points

The technical inspection is mandatory in the eyes of the law, but the operation is carried out by private professionals who nevertheless follow a set of specifications established by the authorities. It is based on more than 100 checkpoints that affect the entire vehicle, from the bodywork and the verification of the vehicle identification, to the braking and steering as well as the visibility and the equipment. One of the important factors in recent years tends to check the degree of pollution of the vehicle and its noise level, to ensure that it does not present a great danger to the environment.

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