How to become a VTC driver?

The job of a chauffeur in a vehicle with a driver (VTC) consists of transporting passengers in a high quality car for a fee. This profession is currently undergoing significant development, but is subject to very specific regulations that are important to know. Here are some of its features!

The conditions

A VTC driver must have held a driving license for at least 3 years and have a physical fitness certificate provided by the prefecture. He or she must also have a criminal record with no offence punishable by more than 6 months imprisonment. In order to carry out his duties, the VTC driver must have a vehicle with specific characteristics; it must contain at least 4 doors, 4 to 9 seats, including the driver’s seat, and be at least 4.5 meters long. The car must not be older than 6 years and must have an engine with a power of at least 120 HP.

Training and examination

The individual who meets all of the above criteria has the opportunity to undertake a 7-hour continuing education course to become a VTC driver. This training must be taken at least once every 5 years. At the end of the test, the candidate will have to take a 30-minute exam on different subjects, with a total of 110 questions in the form of 6 tests, each with 20 multiple-choice questions. This exam takes place in an accredited institution and requires an overall average of at least 12/20 to obtain the certificate.

Exam preparation tips

Formerly at a cost of 2000 euros, the training to become a VTC driver is now entirely free. However, in order to better prepare for the exam and to complete the knowledge acquired through mandatory continuing education, it is possible to register for courses at a center that will allow you to better understand the profession. The subjects that will be taught are road safety, transportation law, business administration, French and English language skills and customer relations. For those with a small budget, there are also many books specifically designed to help you prepare for this exam.

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