Car: what to choose for the city

You want to buy a car mainly for the city? In this case, some models will be more recommended than others. Indeed, urban trips do not have the same needs as longer trips for example. Here are some guidelines to help you make your choice.

A compact and easy to park car

In the city, the number one problem is often finding a place to live. Who hasn’t driven around for several minutes looking for a parking space. In this area, some cars have an advantage over others. For example, you will be able to park very easily with a twizy or a smart given their small size. However, if you still want a 5-seater car, you can always go to your Fiat dealer and adopt the mythical fiat 500. Of course, the Ford Ka and other models can also be considered. But in any case, the compactness of your future car can make your life much easier.

Vehicle power

Then, you will have in all cases to choose between several engines. Of course, the engine has an impact on the power of your vehicle and therefore its acceleration or top speed. For urban use, you can then be satisfied with a small engine. This will be more than enough. The main advantage of such a choice is to make significant savings when buying or reselling on the second-hand market. This is usually not insignificant.

Gasoline or diesel

This question is still relevant today: gasoline or diesel? It is important to know that diesel costs less per liter than gasoline. However, according to the news, the prices should be similar soon. The advantage of diesel would therefore no longer be so obvious. Moreover, from an environmental point of view, it is important to know that diesel is very polluting, much more so than petrol cars. And finally, it is not advisable to use diesel for a car that will be used mainly in the city. Indeed, the engine will tend to kiss quickly. Between the two options, it is better to choose the gasoline version. If you choose to buy a used car

Focus on hybrid and electric cars

Finally, there is the new trend of hybrid or electric cars. In electric vehicles, there is, for example, the Renault Zoe, which is increasingly seen in the city. You also have the Renault Twizy as a two-seater vehicle. Of course, Renault is not the only brand on the market. There are also Hyundai, BMW, Volkswagen and the famous Tesla. If these cars are more and more popular, their autonomy is still their weak point. If you are concerned about the environment, then a good compromise is hybrid cars. Toyota, BMW, Hyundai, Lexus and other manufacturers are positioning themselves in this niche. For the city, this is a good alternative, very economical in the long run.

All you have to do is make your choice according to your preferences, your budget and your needs.

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