The agent, number one in automobile sales networks

Over the past few years, several brands have been structuring themselves to offer consumers a better option for acquiring a new car. These new professional salespeople are of increasing interest to people, as they act as an intermediary between dealers and motorists.

First potential customer for dealer-distributors

When dealers-distributors have to carry out a massive destocking, their first potential customer is the automobile agent. Indeed, this retailer recovers unsold cars from different dealerships at advantageous prices so that he can offer them again to his customers at breathtaking prices. This is how these new players in economic life are beginning to be successful with individuals wishing to buy a new car. For the most part, agents operate with their own network, often consisting of dealers as well as other direct suppliers, to better serve their customers’ needs. In addition, the majority of the services offered by the automobile agent perfectly meets the needs of drivers, if we only speak of direct delivery to the customer’s home.

The main reasons to choose a car agent

If you have not yet decided where to buy a new car, then do not hesitate to approach a car dealer. This professional can offer you several models that meet your criteria and offers you several advantages over a traditional salesman or a dealer. Indeed, the agents provide you with well-equipped vehicles at very attractive rates. These low prices are due to batch purchases from concession stocks. Plus, you’ll get better advice and service, not to mention the choice of exclusivity. And to complete the picture, it should be noted that your vehicle’s warranties remain the same as those purchased from a dealer. In short, you won’t need to negotiate prices with a dealer anymore, because the discounts offered to you are more than 20% to 40% depending on the model.

An overview of the choice of exclusivity

With a car dealer, in addition to benefiting from the same manufacturer’s warranty, motorists will also have the privilege of choosing a unique vehicle even before its official release on French territory. In this regard, some importers present on their catalogs new models that are not yet available in France. As an example, there are the sedan derivatives with a tri-body trunk of compact cars of local brands such as Renault or Peugeot. Also, you can choose some finishes and other limited editions specific to foreign markets. This way, you can be sure that you are driving a different kind of car, at the right price. On the whole, buying a car from an agent has undeniable advantages, both in terms of price and the various services they offer.

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