Honda launches production of electric cars

In recent years, many car manufacturers have decided to invest in electric cars. Aware of the environmental risks caused by combustion engine vehicles, they thought it would be a good idea to go electric. In fact, before long, these particular types of cars will certainly dominate the market. This will force all other manufacturers who are still hesitating to join in to do so. Such is the case, for example, of the Japanese manufacturer Honda, which, although a little late, has finally decided to start producing electric cars.

Finally clean cars at Honda

Some time ago, we were still wondering when Honda would start producing clean cars. But it is now done! According to the information shared by the British magazine Autocar, the Japanese firm has announced its intention to switch to the production of electric and hybrid cars. Of course, Honda is a bit behind its competitors who have been at it for a while. However, she certainly has her reasons. Moreover, it should be remembered that these will not be Honda’s first clean vehicles, strictly speaking. Let’s remember that the brand already has a few models equipped with fuel cell technology. This technology is certainly not as efficient as electric, but its use already reflects Honda’s interest in clean cars.

A new range of electric and hybrid cars within the next decade

Honda is finally going electric. This is great news for brand loyalists! However, do not expect an imminent release. Indeed, if we still rely on Autocar’s revelations, Honda will produce 100% electric and hybrid vehicles. However, their commercialization is not yet very sure. In particular, the firm plans a release within the next decade. That’s a pretty slim lead and doesn’t tell us when we’ll actually see electric or hybrid Hondas on the streets.

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