How to remove snow from your car in winter?

Winter is fast approaching! If this pleases many of us as this season heralds the arrival of Christmas and the end of year celebrations, this is not the case for our car. Indeed, the cold and snow can create malfunctions and put the vehicle in breakdown. But also, the snow that piles up on your roof can be a source of danger for other motorists. That’s why, every time it snows, it’s important to remove the snow from your car. For this, there are several techniques. And in this section, we will describe one of them with the different steps to follow.

Step 1: De-icing the windows

This is the first thing you need to do. To de-ice your car windows, you need a scraper. Use it to remove the ice that accumulates on all your windows. Here you can use everything you need to deglaze properly. However, avoid using hot water. Since the temperature is unstable, it could break your window panes.

Step 2: Clear the wipers

To keep your wipers from freezing to the windshield, try to get them off of there. Make sure there is enough space between the two when you are not using your vehicle. And if they are ever frozen, never use them or you will damage your car’s engine.

Step 3: Remove snow from the hood and rear of the vehicle

Before driving, make sure your hood and the back of your car are clear of snow. Otherwise, your vehicle will feel heavier and may use more gas than it needs. Besides, if there is too much snow, leaving it on the hood can also disturb your vision and cause accidents, especially since the road is already slippery.

Step 4: Snow and ice removal from headlights

Headlights are essential for better vision and also for communication between motorists using the same road. Therefore, never leave the slightest trace of snow or ice on it. This can only disrupt your driving. But it is also dangerous for others.

Step 5: Clear the space around the tires

The areas around the tires are also places where ice and snow can be found. In order not to wear out your tires quickly and cause an accident, it is essential to clear the space around them.

In short, if you want to drive safely in winter, we strongly advise you to follow these steps and clear your car of snow. Of course, you’ll need some tools for this. And the most important thing is the snow broom. Never leave it behind wherever you go.

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