Tesla: sales up 50 percent in 2016

2016 seems to have been a good, if not great, year for Tesla. Indeed, this car manufacturer has achieved huge sales during this period. If we rely on the statistics provided on this subject, the American firm would have seen its sales increase by 50% compared to 2015. This is huge compared to the numbers presented by other manufacturers who struggled to get through 2016.

76,230 Tesla Model S and Model X sold in 2016

Elon Musk, the founder and boss of Tesla, has set a sales target of 80,000 vehicles in 2016. The goal was not extinguished as the firm only managed to sell 76,230 Tesla Model S and Model X. This is already surprising considering that other major car manufacturers could not even make half. And compared to sales in 2015, that’s also a 50% increase as mentioned above. During this period, the American firm was only able to sell 50,580 vehicles. And while the increase is already significant, it still doesn’t seem to satisfy Tesla’s number one. For him, if the objective is not reached, the year was not a success.

2017 will be another good year for the firm

2016 was a great year for Tesla although Elon Musk refuses to admit it. And the forecast for this new year of 2017 is also looking promising. Thanks to last year’s outstanding performance, the manufacturer is ahead of the game. And what is certain today is that this will not stop this year or the others to come. As proof, we can already cite the example of the Tesla Model 3, which is about to hit the market and whose pre-orders have already passed the 400,000 mark. One of the great advantages of this model is its optimized design associated with a price of about 35 000 €. This is quite affordable for a car of the brand.

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