Soon a Tesla factory in France?

One of the world’s largest car manufacturers may be coming to our doorstep soon. Indeed, Tesla has announced its interest in establishing itself in Europe. A plant will be set up by the year 2018. However, it is not yet known in which country it will be placed. For the moment, many countries have shown their interest in this project and of course, France is one of them.

A new plant to meet high demand

Tesla was one of the most successful car manufacturers last year (2016). Its sales have in fact increased by 50% and the forecast is still good for this new year 2017. While the firm produced roughly 80,000 vehicles for 2016, the bar is being raised a bit higher this year with a goal of 100,000 cars. Of course, it will not be easy to produce all this. This is why the manufacturer is planning to open a new factory in Europe. This will allow him to avoid delivery problems and to make them in a shorter time for the models intended for European customers.

France is in the race

After Tesla announced the news, several European countries rushed to approach the giant to discuss with him. Among them were Germany, Spain and the Netherlands. France is also one of the countries that participated in the race to have the new plant located on its soil. The French Minister of the Economy, Michel Sapin, went to San Francisco to meet with Diarmud O’Connel, the firm’s vice-president in charge of economic development. His goal was to show him the advantages that France has for the establishment of a new Tesla factory. And according to the minister’s report, France could well have the market since the American manufacturer’s team is interested in France.

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