Second hand : buying a new motorhome, good or bad idea ?

Enjoying a road trip with family or friends becomes easier and less expensive for those who have a motorhome. In this case, buying one is an investment that ensures freedom for the long term. However, the question on your mind is whether to buy a new or used one.

Buying a new motorhome

Due to the desire of many French people to be independent in terms of motorhomes, the market has a sales figure of around 65,000 every year. The 18,000 motorhomes sold are new models from the dealerships. While new vehicles come with an expensive price tag, buying a new one offers the privilege of having a vehicle with many modern options. Because many buyers opt for used cars, designers tend to reduce the strength and toughness of the vehicle and its equipment to reduce its cost. In this case, choosing a new one is not always a better option because of possible focus issues.

Buying a used car

Buying a used motorhome can be interesting in the sense that its price is lower and therefore more affordable for those with a small budget. It is important to note that used vehicles do not have the same modern options as a new motorhome. Apart from that, acquiring a second hand good must be done with more vigilance to avoid a bad purchase. For those who acquire a motorhome for the first time, the option of a second hand is preferable because without experience, you are not safe from clumsiness. On the market, you will be able to find several models that meet your needs as with a used Dethleffs motorhome.

For a better acquisition

Buying a motorhome should not be rushed. When it comes to price, second hand is more affordable allowing you to accomplish your dreams on a small budget. When it comes to functionality and equipment, new homes offer more advantages and comfort. However, the latter may require you to return to the vendor several times to make adjustments that increase your expenses. In this case, buying new is not always a good idea.

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