Learn to drive: what you need to know about the B license exam

Having a B license is an obligation for anyone who wants to drive a vehicle on a daily basis, especially a car with a maximum permissible weight of 3.5 tons or less. Different steps and formalities precede the obtaining of a B license, namely passing the exam on the highway codes and driving. Having all the essential information and collecting different tips is a key way to succeed.

The formalities for registering for the exam to obtain a B license

You should know that there is an age limit for obtaining a B license. You must be at least 17 years old at the time of registration. A minor of 15 years old can also participate in an accompanied driving test. For those born in 1988 or later, a road safety certificate or a school road safety certificate 2 is recommended. The registration can be taken care of by the driving school if you have taken a course for the preparation, otherwise you can register as a free candidate.

Various files are required at registration to be taken into account, namely proof of identity and residence, two passport photos or a digital photo for online registration, an individual certificate of participation in the Defense and Citizenship Day or JDC or a provisional certificate pending the JDC if you have not yet participated, proof of regularity of residence or proof of presence for at least 6 months is required for foreigners.

How does the B driver’s license exam work?

The evaluation will focus on the mastery of the Highway Code, the handling of the vehicle and its controls with the ability to detect technical anomalies, the ability to drive with one’s own safety and that of the users and also the notions of first aid in case of accident. You must first pass your driving test at a state-approved center.

Once the written test is approved, you can take the practical driving test and you have 5 years to do so after this code validation. The practical test lasts 32 minutes and a minimum of 20 points is required to pass. It is important not to make a mistake that will eliminate you from the competition.

How to pass your B license exam

As mentioned above, you can be a free candidate or a school candidate to take this exam. Being part of a driving school program is always recommended to pass your exam, especially since it is now possible to take online courses.

Whether it is to follow courses in the classroom or online through the website, benefiting from the guidance of an experienced instructor is an important asset for easy success. You should practice regularly both for easy learning of the codes, but also to master all the criteria expected for practice.

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