How to save on your car?

Having a car is good! This allows us to go anywhere we want without any constraints as far as transportation is concerned. However, it also has its drawbacks. And here, we are obviously talking about the expenses that it can generate not only regarding the operation, but also the maintenance and repairs of all kinds. Regarding the first point, it is quite possible to reduce consumption and therefore save money. It all depends on how you use your car, but also on how you drive it. In this section, we offer you some tips on how to reduce your consumption and save money on your car.

Turn off the engine at every opportunity

When your engine is running, it consumes fuel. The best way to reduce fuel consumption is to turn off the engine at every opportunity. This can be done for example when you are in front of a traffic light and it turns red. In this case, you must wait 30 seconds before you can move forward. To avoid unnecessary fuel consumption, it is best to turn off the engine during this time. You can then turn it back on when the light turns green. The opportunity may also arise during a huge traffic jam. There is no reason to keep your engine running when it’s totally stalled. Turning off your engine will not only save you money, but will also help reduce the rate of gas emissions.

Shift gears as soon as possible during acceleration

Cars consume the least amount of fuel in the highest gears. In order to save money, it is therefore advisable to start off smoothly and increase the gear ratio as much as possible. Nevertheless, you must be careful not to push too hard. The result can quickly be reversed. Also, try never to make sudden accelerations. This is not good for the engine and also contributes to increased fuel consumption. So, you won’t find any interest in it! Finally, when you find yourself on a climb, it is best to downshift as long as possible. As soon as you are in 1st,2nd or3rd gear, fuel consumption increases rapidly.

Anticipate the driving

To save money on your car, you have to start by taking care of your driving. And for that, try to always anticipate. In other words, when you are driving, you should watch the traffic as far away as possible. This will help you avoid unnecessary braking and acceleration. Two behaviors that cause accidents and increase fuel consumption. The best thing to do is to keep a steady speed. If it were possible, it would be ideal not to use brakes at all. But for the time being, we will have to make sure that we use them as little as possible.

Downshift instead of braking

As mentioned above, downshifting can significantly increase your vehicle’s fuel consumption. To avoid this, we advise you to do it as late as possible. However, if you are given a choice between downshifting and braking, go for downshifting. It is more economical than braking. The latter causes the vehicle to consume more fuel and, as you already know, frequent braking is detrimental to the quality of your tires.

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