Car insurance: everything you need to know about connected insurance

The price of car insurance is constantly increasing. Indeed, based on the latest published figures, the cheapest average price is €491 per year (in Brittany) and the most expensive is €647 (in Île-de-France). Of course, such a situation is not easy to live with for many French drivers. However, a new system called “connected insurance” is now about to appear in France. It will allow drivers to better control their driving and pay less for their car insurance.

Connected insurance: what exactly is it?

This new system has been launched in the United Kingdom and we must say that it does not fail to arouse our interest. Connected insurance is a direct result of the “pay as you drive” system. Literally, it can be translated into French as “pay as you drive”. In other words, the price you pay for your car insurance will depend on how you drive. And to know it, insurers will use a connected box (hence the name connected insurance).

It will analyze your behaviors as well as your driving style (acceleration, braking, kilometers driven, etc.). Your insurer will then use the data collected and the resulting score to determine the amount of the premium you owe. Seen in this way, it is certain that this system will provide many advantages. This is as much for the drivers as for the insurance companies.

A great way to reduce the cost of your car insurance

For good drivers, connected insurance is an interesting solution to pay less for their car insurance. Indeed, since they will have a tracking application at their disposal, they will be able to better control their driving. Better yet, the insurer can offer them advice on how to improve the way they drive. As a result, they will be able to benefit from a reduction in the insurance premium and realize savings of up to 50%. At the same time, accidents on the road can also be considerably reduced.

Currently, connected insurance is offered by only two companies: Allianz and Direct Assurance. However, other companies may also invest in it in the following years or months. And we hope that the insurers in France will be part of it.

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