Buying back a broken down car: breakage is not a fatality!

They have doubts about the possibility of repairing it and often end up giving up for fear of the cost that this operation may require. Time passes and the car eventually falls into disrepair and becomes a mere wreck that is no longer useful. Instead of letting your vehicle rust out or go out of service, you can save it from that fate and get a fair price for it! Indeed, there is a practical solution from all points of view: the repurchase by a professional specialized in the export of broken down or damaged vehicles.

Sell your car instead of abandoning it is an actor of the second-hand market which proposes to get rid of your broken down, damaged or second-hand car, wherever you are in France (except Corsica and DOM-TOM). The company masters the whole process of buying back a broken down car and is able to conclude the transaction as soon as possible. To take advantage of it, it is very simple. Simply log on to the website or contact the team by phone. A salesman with a good experience in car buy-back will be sent to you to evaluate the vehicle and to propose you an adequate buy-back offer. You can benefit from this service regardless of your car’s model, make and condition. Is the engine not working anymore? The gearbox shows signs of weakness and the handles are broken? The technical control is not up to date? This is not a problem. And that’s not all! You can make money by selling a VEI (Economically Irreparable Vehicle) and this even in case of RSV (Repairs Superior to the Value of the vehicle)! It’s always better than abandoning your vehicle.

A buyback without the need to go anywhere

To conclude the transaction under the best auspices, the car to be sold must not be more than ten years old. The owner must also have a certificate of administrative status that proves the absence of any pledge for the vehicle. He/she must also provide the vehicle registration document at the time of the transaction., the specialist in the trade-in of broken down or used vehicles, has left nothing to chance. The company ensures the removal of the vehicle on a flatbed after its acquisition, without the seller having to pay additional fees! The latter can also choose the method of payment that suits him best: payment in cash up to a maximum of 1000 €, by cashier’s check or by money order. All the conditions are thus met to make a financially interesting transaction and to carry out a repurchase operation of broken down or damaged vehicle simply, quickly and without moving!

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