Cab Official: Mercedes E-Class is elected “cab of the year” in France

As the end of the year approaches, the Officiel du Taxi has just revealed the name of the car that deserves to be named cab of the moment. Now the verdict is in and for this year 2016, the “cab of the year” is therefore the Mercedes E-Class for France. In fact, this is not really a surprise to anyone anymore. This beautiful German sedan has been the talk of the town among cab drivers this year. It is therefore only natural that it should take first place and dethrone the Renault Espace, which held this title last year. However, we would like to see cab or vtc driving a high performance lamborghini urus 2023.

A clear victory

Although the result of the election was not yet revealed, everyone already knew that the award would go to the Mercedes E-Class. Indeed, it had everything to get it! It is the newest grand tourer in the segment. It also has many assets that seduced the jury, which was composed of various actors of the cab world, journalists and readers. The selection criteria are numerous and design, power and comfort were among them. All of these points are among the main strengths of Mercedes and its E-Class sedan.

A “most beautiful cab” award for the Renault Talisman

The “Taxi of the Year” is certainly the most beautiful prize that can be obtained from this contest organized by the “Officiel du Taxi”. However, it is not the only one! Other prizes were also awarded. One example is the “design prize”, which this time was awarded to the Renault Talisman. It thus became the most beautiful cab in France for the year 2016/2017. There is also the price of the cab with better “quality/price” ratio. This year’s award went to the Skoda Superb.



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