Car sales in 2016: Mercedes-Benz has returned to number 1

Once again, Mercedes-Benz has risen to the top of the list of car manufacturers that sold the most cars last year. Indeed, the brand has just surpassed BMW, which was at the top of the list last year. This is not really a surprise considering the performance of the Stuttgart-based company in terms of production and sales last year. Focus on this topic.

2.084 million cars sold in 2016

It seems that the efforts made by Mercedes-Benz have finally led to something. By deciding to increase the number of countries in which it markets its products (especially in Asia), the German firm has managed to sell about 2.084 million vehicles. This is really considerable based on the sales it was able to achieve in 2015.

In fact, an increase of 11.3% was recorded. This, of course, allowed it to overtake BMW, which only managed to sell 2.003 million cars in 2016. The figure is obviously higher than that achieved in 2015 (5.2% change). However, this is not enough to win the first place, which this time goes to Mercedes-Benz. The third place is still held by a German brand, Audi, which managed to sell 1.87 million cars.

A favorable extension outside Europe

As mentioned above, Mercedes-Benz has gotten to where it is today because of the expansion strategy it has adopted. In recent years, the brand has decided to make a place for itself in non-European markets and it seems to have worked. In China, for example, its products are selling very well and have even grown by a whopping 27%. The same is true in some other Asian countries. However, it is a different story when it comes to the U.S. market. The company saw its sales decline by 0.8%. However, it shouldn’t stay that way, at least not for long.



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