Which car to drive in winter?

We are now in the middle of winter and as you already know, the roads will be snowy and icy. This will certainly not make driving easier and may even put you in danger. But this is not the case for everyone! There are indeed certain categories of cars that are well equipped to face winter conditions. This can be seen in their motorization as well as in their design in general. In this section, we will draw up for you a small selection of the best winter cars for safe driving.

2015 Subaru Forester

Subaru’s models are generally known for their driving comfort in all weather conditions. On the 2015 Forester, this is very noticeable! It is a constant-drive all-wheel-drive car that is very popular for its versatility and sportiness. With this model, you can travel snowy and icy roads with pleasure and without worry! However, this does not prevent us from being cautious.

2015 Jeep Cherokee

The 2015 Jeep Cherokee is best known for its rather bold look. So, right off the bat, we can say that it is not afraid of the harsh winter driving conditions. This model confirms it again with its impressive road handling and its exceptional performance on snowy roads. In short, this is one of the best winter cars of our time!

2015 Tesla S P85D

It is a 100% electric vehicle that will not leave you indifferent. From design to performance, the 2015 Tesla S P85D has absolutely everything to appeal! In addition to its elegant appearance, it has two electric motors under the hood and is also equipped with all-wheel drive. So you can’t complain about performance! This car will help you get through the winter safely. With the added benefit of optimized comfort due to remarkable road holding.

2015 Ford Fusion all-wheel drive

If you’re looking for a car with both performance and style to get you through the harsh winter weather, the 2015 Ford Fusion is sure to satisfy. With its sleek and stylish lines, this mid-size sedan will win you over at first glance! Even better, since it is available with all-wheel drive (SE and Titanium models), excellent performance will be assured and driving will be a pleasure during winter.

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