Used vehicles are gaining ground in the French market

It seems that the French are not really interested in new cars anymore. In fact, if the latest sales figures are to be believed, used vehicles are the most attractive to motorists. While this choice is somewhat surprising, there are many reasons for it. In order to learn more about it, we will detail it in the following paragraphs.

Used car market up 3.7% in the first quarter

The numbers are pretty self-explanatory when it comes to the evolution of the used car market during the first quarter of this year 2017. Indeed, the used car market has increased by 3.7%. Even more surprisingly, the oldest cars are the most sold, with one third of the models sold being more than 10 years old. The reasons for this choice are primarily explained by the still affordable prices of these types of vehicles. But the quality is also part of the game. This is why models with 80,000 to 100,000 kilometers on them are the most popular. Their engines are still considered reliable and efficient.

Based on brand and model, the Renault Megane and Clio as well as the Peugeot 206 remain the most sought after cars. However, foreign brands such as Hyundai, Dacia and Kia are also beginning to make their mark on the French car market. All three have seen double-digit growth.

Diesel still preferred

As new vehicles struggle in the market, diesel continues to persevere in its rise. Of course, vehicles with this type of engine are no longer very popular on the new car market. However, they literally dominate sales on the used side. According to the figures available on this subject, diesel remains the preferred fuel of French motorists, with two out of three sales.

In short, if the market is currently dominated by the second-hand market, this should still be the case for the remaining months to come. If the new car market is to grow and take a larger share of the market, it will have to start by adjusting prices and making them more affordable so that new cars can be accessible to as many people as possible.

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