Selection of the best current mobile applications for cars

The automotive industry is one of the most interesting sectors for developers today. Applications dedicated to cars are becoming more and more numerous on download platforms (App Store, Google Play Store, etc.). And faced with this diversity, one is spoilt for choice. That’s why, in this article, we make a small selection of the best car applications of the moment.

Waze GPS social

Waze presents itself as the social network for drivers. Indeed, like Facebook or Twitter, this mobile navigation application allows the sharing and exchange of information between drivers. It focuses on traffic and therefore offers its users the possibility of knowing the situation of roads in their surroundings. This not only saves them time and gas, but also avoids fines. Waze GPS is available for both iOS and Android.


As its name clearly implies, GazoilNow is a mobile application that allows you to quickly find a gas station. It is especially useful when you are on the road and your vehicle suddenly runs out of gas. In this case, the application shows you the gas stations that are closest to you, but also those with the best prices. This application is also available in iOS and Android versions.


You have an electric car and you are short of charges? Don’t panic! ChargeMap can help you. This mobile application will tell you where you can find charging stations quickly. But that’s not all! ChargeMap also tells you everything about the opening hours and the paths to follow to reach the charging stations. If you are interested in this application, you can download it at this address for iOS devices and at this address for Android devices.

Find My Car Smarter

You are in a place where you are not used to go and you can’t find where to park? This is certainly a very inconvenient situation! However, there is a solution and it is quite accessible. Simply download Find My Car Smarter and install it on your smartphone. It will quickly show you a parking lot or a car park where you can park.

Trip Advisor

Finally, this application should certainly be familiar to you. Trip Advisor is the tool you need when you travel and want to find a hotel to stay in or a restaurant to eat at. The application will show you in a few seconds the closest establishment to you and will also inform you about the services and benefits available.

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