Opening and starting your car with a smartphone, it will soon be possible at Toyota

The smartphone nowadays goes beyond its simple status of cell phone. Over time, its role has expanded and it is now found in almost all economic sectors, including the automotive industry. Indeed, many car manufacturers have recently invested in new mobility solutions and the smartphone plays a considerable role in this. If we only cite the case of Toyota, which remains the world’s leading car manufacturer today, it is currently developing a technology that allows you to turn your smartphone into a car key. This will certainly please the various customers of the brand.

A smartphone to open and start your car

The possibilities that smartphones offer us nowadays are very numerous. In addition to the traditional tasks they are associated with (calling, music, web browsing, etc.), they can also be used to do other things. For example, we have all seen a smartphone used as a remote control in order to remotely control our motorized gate, our garage door, our light bulbs, and globally all the connected objects in our home.

And it is precisely this kind of technology that car manufacturers now want to integrate into their cars. As mentioned above, Toyota is now one of a long list of manufacturers looking to implement this technology on their vehicles. Thanks to its application called Smart Key Box, the firm wants to allow users of its cars to open and start it by simply using their smartphone. For the moment, this system is under development, but its arrival should not be long.

A solution to develop car-sharing

Car-sharing is attracting more and more people these days and car manufacturers have understood this. For the specific case of Toyota, its Smart Key Box application will be an excellent tool to develop it. In fact, the car giant is planning to partner with the ride-sharing service Getaround next year to put its new technology into practice in San Francisco. Thanks to the sharing options offered by this application, each motorist will have the possibility to share his car with the people he wants by offering them a virtual key.

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