New car: prices rose 4.5 percent in 2016

For those who bought a new car during this 2016 year, they must have certainly noticed the increase in price. In fact, it has been steadily increasing during this year. According to the official figures available, the increase is 4.5% in France and this has not failed to change some of the behavior of car buyers.

An average price of 24,300 euros for a new car

For this 2016, buying a new car is not really available to everyone. Because of the significant price increase (+4.5%), it has become difficult to get one. This is what the results of a study published in the newspaper
Les Echos
newspaper on December 26, 2016 and bearing the title NCBS (New Car Buyer Survey). A new car will sell for an average of 24,300 euros in France during this year. There are several reasons for this sudden price increase. Among the most important, there is the appearance of technological innovations that provide more comfort and safety to drivers. The latter now have more options and equipment in their vehicle. This is not, of course, without consequence on the price applied by the manufacturers.

A situation that benefits the occasion and the low-cost

Buying a new car is now a luxury that not everyone can afford. This is of course a brake on their sales and favors second-hand and low-cost sales. Disappointed with the rising prices, many buyers have decided to turn to used and low-priced cars. Also, car-sharing, car-pooling and rental are becoming more and more popular. This is certainly a plus for the environment. However, this really doesn’t help the situation for new car dealers.

If this is the case for this year 2016, it is very likely that prices will remain the same for next year. One reason for this is that new regulations are encouraging the integration of more and more technologies into future cars.

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