Mazda plans to launch plug-in hybrid in 2021

The automotive sector is nowadays pointed out as the one that pollutes the environment the most. The rate of CO2 emissions from all types of vehicles is particularly high. That’s why many manufacturers have nowadays decided to switch to hybrid or electric vehicles, which are known to be more environmentally friendly. This is the case of Toyota, for example, which recently announced its intention to invest in electric vehicles. And after it, it’s now Mazda’s turn to announce that it will also launch a plug-in hybrid within a few years.

A response to future environmental standards

Mazda’s decision to switch to hybrid and electric power is primarily to comply with future environmental standards. Indeed, new rules are currently being prepared for Europe, the United States and also some Asian countries like China. These future regulations are generally aimed at protecting the environment and impose certain requirements that will affect vehicles and more specifically their engines. In the particular case of Mazda, which remains the only one without hybrid or electric car models among all Japanese manufacturers, the transition will happen soon. The brand has finally decided to add an alternative to the solution of “righstizing” and propose in a few years cars with plug-in hybrid engines.

Launch of the first models in 2021

Mazda is already starting to develop its first plug-in hybrid models. However, these will not be available until the year 2021. A date that is nevertheless quite distant if we base ourselves on the time it took other manufacturers to switch to this technology. But if this Japanese firm has decided to take so much time for the development of its future cars, it is because it has its reasons.

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