Hail forecast: How to protect my car?

In summer, the hot and scorching days sometimes end with thunderstorms and hail. This can seriously damage your car. Whether it is the bodywork or the glass parts, the damage can be very serious. Therefore, it is advisable to take some precautions to protect your car against bad weather. We’ve compiled a list of tips to help you avoid having a car that looks like a golf ball.

Park your car away from hail

You’ve checked the weather forecast and there’s a risk of hail? First thing to do if bad weather is forecast! Park your vehicle in a garage or in a basement parking lot. This is the best solution to avoid hail damage to your car. If not, you risk having your windshield shattered or broken. In this case, a windshield repair or a replacement is necessary.

Protect your car even more

To cushion the impact of hail on the body and windows, the car should be well covered with a padded blanket or air mattress. Ropes or straps should be used to secure the blanket or mattress. This way, you can limit the impact of hail on the body of your car. Therefore, your vehicle will not look like a golf ball.

Don’t drive in bad weather

Driving in a hailstorm is very risky and dangerous. The risk of hail damage becomes more important because of the very limited visibility and slippery road surface. Hailstorms are more violent when the car is in motion. In fact, you should not drive in bad weather and the risk of hail is high.

Check your rights with your insurer

To find out who is responsible for repairs in the event of hail damage, you should check with your insurer. If you have purchased all-accident coverage, you will be reimbursed. Glass repairs are normally covered by the glass breakage warranty. All you have to do is report the loss within 5 days of the damage.

How can I repair hail damage?

For windshield repair in Paris or bodywork, we tend to look for traditional body shops. You can also opt for the paintless dent removal technique which is a revolutionary technology. Fast and efficient, this solution is extremely useful in this sense to help you find a new car!

Before committing to a professional, check to see if he or she is a partner with your insurer. To avoid long repair times, it is a good idea to contact a repairer who is not located in a hail-stricken area. Professionals in this area may have too many requests for repairs.

To conclude…

Hail is a weather factor that could affect your car very dangerously. The body will have dents. The windshield could be broken. Therefore, it is advisable to follow a few tips and tricks to protect your car against these bad weather conditions. Covering the vehicle with a mattress or an inflatable blanket, putting the car without a garage or under a roof… all are good practices to avoid seeing the bodywork looking like a golf ball. Your insurer may reimburse you for the cost of repairs within the limits of your coverage.

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