Google would have abandoned its autonomous car project

Many players have been involved in autonomous car manufacturing projects for a few years now. Among those who have been the most talked about, we will mention first Google and its Google Car and also Apple and its Titan project. If the latter has recently abandoned his project, it seems that the firm of Mountain View has also followed its path. Indeed, if we are to believe the information shared by the newspaper The Information, Google would have the intention to put an end to its autonomous car project in order to launch another project.

A new business of autonomous cabs?

Google has been focusing on its autonomous car project for several years and has spent a lot of money on it. However, the results do not seem to be up to his expectations. This would have led the Mountain View giant to turn to other projects that would be less expensive and more lucrative. More precisely, we are talking about an autonomous cab business. Indeed, The Information reported that Larry Page, the CEO of Google, would now intend to create a fleet of self-driving cabs for the year 2017. These would be developed in collaboration with Fiat Chrysler Automobiles and, as their name clearly indicates, they will be able to drive themselves, without the help of a driver.

An arrival on the roads for 2018

Although the Google Car project has been abandoned, the years the firm spent on its design and development will not be lost. On the contrary, all the technologies that have been developed on this occasion will be assembled in a database for a shared project. As mentioned above, they will be used in the autonomous cab project that the Silicon Valley giant is currently designing and preparing. At the moment, there is not enough information available regarding the evolution of this project. However, these autonomous cabs would be in the process of being manufactured in the Google factory located in Detroit. In particular, their arrival is planned for the year 2018, but nothing is certain yet.

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