Global sales in 2016: Renault reached a new record

Renault seems to have walked on gold during 2016. The French group has indeed reached a new record in terms of worldwide sales of its cars. This success can be explained by the numerous efforts that the manufacturer has undertaken over the past year. We are talking about its geographic expansion strategy, but also about the arrival of a large number of new products. This article tells you all about it.

3.18 million vehicles sold in 2016

The brand with the diamond has exposed the sales during the year 2016 and the numbers are there to prove it. The carmaker managed to sell more than 3.18 million cars in the past year. This corresponds to a 13.3% increase based on sales in 2015. It should be noted here that these figures correspond to worldwide sales and are not limited to those in France or Europe.

However, such a result is still remarkable, especially as it has enabled Renault to overtake the PSA group, which only managed to sell around 3.15 million vehicles this year. If the Losange is nowadays the first brand in France, its exploits of the last year have allowed it to position itself as the second brand in Europe. In particular, it sold approximately 1.39 million vehicles, which corresponds to an increase of 12.1%.

An effective expansion policy

As mentioned above, geographical expansion is one of the strategies adopted by Renault to promote its rise. And it seems to be working well so far. By deciding to sell its products in other non-European countries, the brand has managed to boost its sales and improve its positioning. For example, sales have increased by an incredible 145%. This is mainly due to the huge success of the Kwid, which sold 105,745 units in this country. The same is true for Iran, where Losange managed to sell 108,000 vehicles and thus experienced a strong increase of 110%. These are just a few examples of countries where Renault has succeeded in selling its cars more successfully. But they already give you an idea about the huge success the group had during 2016.

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